Thx & Bye 2016

This past year, Mr. Si moved from the relatively predictable large design agency life to pursue a career in digital product startups. And I left the long hours of design studios and decided to focus more on health, mind and searching for a definition of “home.” Startup life is not without risks, so the year went by with some scary months and moments. But the result was the two of us got closer, we got on the same page with dreams and goals, and truly we’re a team now.

So 2016 was sort of like a rollercoaster, ups and downs and back up again. But we also ejected the negative attitudes, unnecessary objects, unnecessary thoughts out of our lives without any hesitation, as if we screamed out loud on the ride to release and renew. At the end, we found more love and we became very honest with ourselves. Today, we were walking hand in hand in the beautiful New Year’s Eve snow storm in the Old Town of Montreal, but decided to count down back in the hotel because of the grueling temperature. We watched the countdown in French, watched the New Year’s fireworks from our hotel room, we celebrated and welcomed 2017 with optimism. There are so many things we need to do in 2017, as a team! Thank you, 2016, you will be one of the most memorable year for the two of us.