That Drink

Was chatting with Meow today, we talked about the definition of “getting a drink.”

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I’ve definitely gone and tried to get myself plastered with friends partying. (legal drinking age in Asia is 18) It was extremely short-lived, but I’ve done it.

But now, after years of trial-and-error, besides finding out that I am actually allergic to alcohol, I get really irritated at spaces where I need to scream and yell to make any sort of conversations.

Whether it’s between friends, coworkers, or client relationships, there is always the “let’s get a drink” hangout scenarios. To the noise and space sensitive me, to truly enjoy it, space and atmosphere are the most important. How the drink later feels in my system all depends on if I was relaxed when I was consuming it.

So, Meow and I both agree, drink to get drunk, drink A LOT just because we can have not been our style for a long time. It’s best to sit around with people you could have interesting conversation with, sharing simple and uncomplicated food, when the drink becomes an enjoyment, that’s the best. Though I live almost an alcohol-free life because of my allergy, but when the atmosphere is right, I would still be up for that 1/4 drink!