Pork Chop Bun


Dearest Lisa,

On my way out of Hong Kong, biting into the pork chop bun, I sobbed.

It's been four years since I stepped foot there, I was unable to for three full years. There are too many memories there... I remember all the times we used to gleefully plan our eating maps, to walk and shop until our legs give out. It makes me feel utterly alone thinking about this. Was it really just five years ago that we were describing all these spots we went together to Susan? I miss you with my entire being.

Hong Kong has become Susan's transfer hub between her new job in Shanghai and home in Taiwan. I've decided to get to know this city again through hers and my friends' eyes. But I couldn't stay long, because it just makes me miss you even more.

I was still able to do the one thing I wanted to do on the time crunch – stopping by Tsim Sa Tsui to get the pork chop bun. Most people would say there are SO MUCH more the city has to offer that are much more tasty, why go all the way to TST just for this bun? Well, only because we discovered it together, TST was also where we walked around and shopped the most. It's not that I had to live in the past, but for me to move forward, I need to re-do everything we used to do together, this time, alone, or the memories just haunt me.

I walked around TST and went into Harbour City for a Grande Soy Latte at Starbucks. I had no clue why, but this was your absolutely favorite soy latte in the world. You said the soy milk tastes different, you were convinced that they use Vitasoy in the latte, it's just oh so smooth to you. I walked over to the outdoor area, looking at Hong Kong Island on Kowloon, sipping the latte, thinking of you. But Lisa, this latte tastes different. Is it because you're not here with me or they've changed the recipe? Not able to decide why the latte tastes different, I walked over to Macau Restaurant. I ordered a pork chop bun and an egg tart, but I couldn't eat them right away. I was afraid to lose my shit and burst into tears on the street. After putting the food away, I quickly head to Hong Kong Station to catch the Airport Express. I got lucky, there was one empty car on the train, I walked in and got myself a seat. After I settled, I took a photo of the bun and the egg tart as a momento, and I took a bite.

Then tears wouldn't stop rolling down my face, the crazy feeling of wishing you being next to me exploded within me, I just couldn't stop crying. You saw it, didn't you? Sorry I'm such a emotional and not so brave older sister, I didn't. mean to cry like that in public. But you know what, I've done it. I promise you, the next time I'm there eating that bun, I will be smiling. Miss you to pieces.


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