Mom’s Light Pickles

I got a call from Mom a few days ago, she has been excited since she heard our year-end trip to Taiwan. In the call she asked me to tell her the things I would like to eat, but then decided to just tell me about her plan in making me a huge batch of pickled kohlrabi. Ever since I was a kid, I loved everything fresh and crunchy. Raw Japanese cucumber was the number one snack for me and the second was Mom’s pickled kohlrabi. Mom would sprinkle the kohlrabi with salt and lightly pickle it for 20 minutes, this easy process brings out the incredible sweetness of the kohlrabi that we wouldn’t need to add any other seasoning to the dish. And yes, I would eat a huge plate by myself. I couldn’t wait until the end of year so I’m using the purple kohlrabi I bought yesterday with my new Weck canning jars to just quickly throw things together.

After removing the skin, I quartered the bulbs and sliced all of it thin. Just so you know, purple kohlrabi have the same milky mint flesh that the green ones have. Place the slices in a mixing bowl and sprinkle with some Himalayan pink salt, wait for 20 minutes, the kohlrabi would’ve sweated because of the salt. Work in small batches and squeeze out the remaining moisture in the kohlrabi slices, and it’s ready to eat! Besides me, Mr. Si also ate an entire bowl of this, the rest of it went into the Weck canning jars, and we have a side dish for the next two days.

Pickled kohlrabi reminds me of mom’s cooking, the flavors I’m always nostalgic for.

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