Let Go

I spent a full day clearing out some old books yesterday, there were a lot.
In the process, I found a book written by a Taiwanese writer named FourOne. I’ll be honest, I was never really a fan for self-help or chicken soup type of writing. But when I flipped through this one at the beginning of last year in Taipei at Eslite, I understood the power of looking inward and reflect. Today I’m sharing a page I liked (translated quickly by me):


Stay far away from the ones who drain you energy.

Because they boo when you cheer in happiness;
Because they make your loss feel even worse;
Also, because they never show joy over your success.

Every life is filled happy and sad episodes.
What we need to learn is to discover and cherish the token in each of them.
Not to have someone constantly remind you,
that life could be massively miserable.

In life, we will need to endure different types of obstacles and hardship,
we will also meet different types of people.
Maybe we can't decide who comes through the door,
but we can decide who remains.
We can decide how and where our life goes.

Warm wishes.

This spread in the book made me understand the meaning of letting go. Right now, I’m unable to have every person I’ve ever met in my daily life. A lot of it is because of time, location, personalities, incidents and the way we lead our lives, but no matter what, I always choose to remember each person by their best attributes, to keep their best in my heart.