Golden Rooster

We spent the Chinese New Year's Eve on the flight from New York to Tokyo then Taipei.

The landing in Tokyo was rough. We ran into 45 miles per hour wind during landing. After severe turbulence and the plane wheels touching ground for 3 seconds, the captain decided to pull all the way back up in the air to try for another landing. I've never experience such a quick ascend back in air in my life... Needless to say, every one was shocked, nervous and extremely uncomfortable. The captain did some brief explanation, apologized, and came up with a strategy to land again after 20 minutes. It was crazy turbulence again, but at least we landed safely, a memorable Chinese New Year's Eve.

It's 30 minutes away from Golden Rooster year when we finally arrived back home. Though we missed the New Year's Eve meal with the family, but seeing my parents both well, having a bowl of my mom's homemade soup, it's just happiness. Absolutely tired, but now seeing fireworks around the house, we're in the new year! Until tomorrow then.