Favorite thing that I read today from one of my favorite outdoor enthusiast couple, writers of 2 outdoor adventure (specifically about thru hiking) books in Taiwan, TaiTai LiveWild:

A lot of people are unhappy because they aren’t forgiving enough to themselves. They aren’t accepting of their own faults, weaknesses, or of the fact that they might not always match up to others, that there could be a side of them that’s ‘evil.’ Everyone wants to be well-liked, no one wants to be hated. Deep in the mountains, out in the wild though, people are restored into their original state, it becomes easy to see yourself with extreme clarity.

Once you are able to accept the perfect imperfection, you’re showing kindness to yourself. And at the same time, you’re being kind to others. Only then, when there is nothing out there to hurt you, you are free.

This cannot be more heartfelt, all of our emotions and thoughts stem from how well we accept ourselves. I know a lot of people who are extremely critical to themselves due to their loving by demanding upbringing. The people who are always helpful but rarely demands care from others are also part of this group. Of course, I’m not trying to label anybody, I just want to say, I personally have been there. I sincerely hope if you’re going to be kind, be the kindest to yourself. At the end, whether it’s your career, marriage, health or mentality, you are only responsible for yourself. Take care of your inner child, don’t let him/her get hurt again.