Following the Heart

If you’re a reader of mine years ago, you might wonder why I’ve changed the tone and content of my writing so much. Most of my old blog entries were about what’s hot in New York, food, objects I like or design/art that inspire me. But now, I write a lot about my feelings and about the things I’m dealing with in life. Of course, travel/products/design are three things that are very core to my personality, so they will never go away. I’m even planning a whole series of writings just about learning and working in design. But perhaps I used to not really write about my personal feelings much, so a lot of people are just trying to get used to it.

To be completely honest, I’ve just moved on from my old mentality and lifestyle. I used to write more for others, I cared a lot about what people liked, I tried to squeeze out eye-catching new content about New York for everyone. But as work got demanding, I no longer had time to cruise around New York so much. New York has become my home instead of just a city I was still exploring. So I wanted more to write about the life of living abroad as a married lady, the great stuff and the not so great stuff.

I am a loyal fan of this well-known Taiwanese blogger living in Japan. She had become a mother of two in recent years, but before that, she used to write about cooking, bento making, and the ups and downs of making a home in Japan as a foreigner. Even before that, she used to write about life as a MBA student in New York and how she fell in love with her now husband. Some people asked her why she changed the content of her blog so much, I still remember her answer. It was something like this: “as I grow, the focus of my life changes, so of course what I write changes with me. I’m trying to record my life with honestly, right now, my focus is on my kid, before I had a kid my focus was on running a home. It’s really that simple.” As a loyal fan, I grew from a student to a wife and hopefully to be a mother in the future, so it was actually fun for me to see her growth, and I always appreciated her honesty about life. What I’m trying to say is, writing is not just to cater to the readers, If it is, the words will lose their souls.

I am going through something similar right now. I happen to not care about a lot of stuff I used to care about. There has been a dramatic lifestyle change, I went from from running in between design offices and traveling all the time for work to trying to start my own business and focusing on making a home. A lot has changed, what I am thinking daily has changed. So yes, I’m starting new again, this time I want to start from within, following my heart.

So today, I just want to say thank you, really. Thank you new and old friend who stop by this page to leave likes and comments. Thank you for not leaving me after I went MIA for 3 years, and for your continuous support. I might not be the very best writer and articulate matters with the best vocabulary, but know that every sentence I write is from deep within my heart.