Eating Well

Eating out has become such a norm for everyone nowadays. When we first got married, I cooked almost daily and I was the regular at farmer’s market. As years go by, responsibilities at work grew, I got lazy in the kitchen. Before hitting the reset button a year ago, we ate out or ordered possibly 5-6 days a week. Our kitchen was almost just decorative at that time.

Why did we love eating out so much? It’s most definitely not because there were way too many restaurants to try in NYC, though we never seemed to run out of options. It was also not because I didn’t know how to cook because three years ago I cooked almost daily. It really was because we just had no time. Where did the time go you ask, the majority of it went to work. But, I also lost focus and became bad at how I manage my personal time. This was exactly why I hit the reset button, I needed the space and time to quietly sort everything out from all aspects of our life. At that time,  I asked myself the same question almost daily in my head, “are you okay with this chaos for the rest of your life?” The answer was a definite NO.

At the beginning, getting our eating habits back on track was crucial, but I was a bit anxious. I felt like I had forgotten what it was like to be comfortable in the kitchen, and I couldn’t remember the dishes I used to make. The first couple of weeks confirmed my worries, I was so rusty and a stranger in the kitchen, the quality of the meals was hmm, interesting. When I went grocery shopping, I grabbed anything that seemed tasty and forgot that a bit of a mental planning probably would’ve helped me avoid all the food waste. 

After a year, I’ve up my cooking game quite a notch and became an expert at running this two-person family. I can now precisely plan a week worth of ingredients/snacks for the two of us. Even three years ago, when I was in the kitchen all the time, I wasn’t able to plan well. But for the past year, I cooked daily, and recently even started to make packed lunch for my husband. But are there days that I feel lazy to go into the kitchen? Of course! Because of that, we made a pact that we would go out to eat once every one to two weeks. It would be our night out on the town.

All of a sudden, eating out became something kinda romantic. We took time to pick out the restaurant we’d like to try or go back to. When we got there, we would order seasonal dishes or things we didn’t usually eat at home. Eating out was not just for feeding any more, it’s become a meaningful date night for us, something for us to look forward to.

We’ve regained our health and have not gotten sick even once in a year. To feel healthy again and to get back into the kitchen (my favorite place), they’re without a doubt the best gifts from our year of blowing things up. And to think, this was only the first step in our reset, more to come later, I promise.

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