Cotton Candy Clouds

Dearest Lisa,

It poured in the strangest way after work today. Every one in the city was hiding inside of a store or below an awning, I was almost the only person running through the rain. You know I absolutely loath the rain, but I wasn't irritated by it at all today. I actually felt relieved running through the rain, as if I was trying to let it wash away all of my frustration with work from the past week, to start fresh on the weekend. After the rain, this miracle happened in the sky.

Did you see it? I hope you saw this beautiful pink sky, adorned with endless cotton candy clouds. They look just like the clouds in the first dream I had with you in it, after you were gone. It was like a miracle, the entire city was in awe. Nothing mattered at that time, all of the sadness and bitterness did not belong to that moment.