紐約瘋什麼 / New York Raves No. 5

私心推薦Nolita / Personal Favorites in Nolita New York Raves No. 5

來到紐約, 除了尋找美食之外所有旅客的最大任務應該就是流行大採購吧。紐約雖然不大, 但每一個區域都有不同的風情及店家。Nolita(諾麗塔)區一直是我最喜歡的環境前三名之一。這一區的地理如其名是位於小義大利區的北邊 (NOrth of LIttle ITAly), 緊連著Soho(蘇活)區, 有著漂亮如歐洲的石子路。Broadway(百老匯)把Soho及Nolita一分為二, Nolita在東Soho在西。Soho有著Prada, Chanel, Longchamps, Burberry, Kate Spade, Anya Hindmarch等知名大品牌的旗艦店及幾家知名精品旅館。而Nolita有的是設計特別數量少件的潮流物件還有口味獨特座位不多的精緻餐廳。在Nolita除了Steven Alan出名的格子襯衫, Ciao Bella的義大利冰淇淋, 之前介紹過的Gimme Coffee, 布魯克林潮牌Built by Wendy, No. 6的木底鞋, 集結獨立品牌的Creatures of Comfort, 紐約披薩元祖之一的Lombardi's, 還有這兩年風靡紐約的Ed's Lobster Bar之外, 好店好食數之不盡。

Visiting New York, besides some real fine dining, most people probably spend a huge chunk of time shopping and browsing the city. Although New York is not huge, there are some really interesting little pockets of areas that are unique and adorned with independent boutiques and stores. Nolita has always been top three on my list of areas to get lost in and it's definitely unique. This area, just like its name, (NOrth of LIttle ITAly), sits directly north of Little Italy, right next to Soho, covered with beautiful cobblestone roads. Broadway sits in between Nolita and Soho like a river, Soho in the west, Nolita in the east. In Soho, there are flagship stores to designer labels such as Prada, Chanel, Longchamps, Burberry, Kate Spade and Anya Hindmarch. There are also a number of very luxurious boutique hotels. But in Nolita, there are a bunch of tiny little independent boutiques that curate stylish garments and accessories. There are never too many of these stylish objects in stock, so if you're lucky, you would be the owner of some truly unique pieces. Nolita is also packed with small but high-quality restaurants that you would visit again and again. In Nolita, there are the famous plaid shirts from Steven Alan, gelato from Ciao Bella, Gimme Coffee (I've mentioned in a previous article), Brooklyn fashion from Built by Wendy, clog boots from No. 6, the mecca of independent labels – Creatures of Comfort, one of the oldest and best pizza joints Lombardi's, and Ed's Lobster Bar that has come into fame in the past couple of years. But of course, this is only a small portion of what you would see in Nolita.

住在紐約這麼久了, 也盡我所能把能認識的區域都逛過好幾遭, 因此這次想和各位分享我在Nolita的私心欣賞店家, 希望下次各位來紐約朝聖Soho時, 別忘了往東邊走五分鐘, 逛逛這可人的Nolita。

Having lived in NYC for almost a decade, I've tried my best to get to know the city as well as I could. So this one is about sharing my favorites stores in Nolita. The next time you're in New York, besides the obviously must to visit Soho, I hope you don't forget to walk eastward for five minutes to visit the darling Nolita as well.

New York Raves No. 5

New York Raves No. 5

圖片來自Clic Gallery網站

1. Clic Bookstore & Gallery 255 Center Street, New York, NY 10013

Clic是一個集結藝術、書籍、物品, 並保留白牆及空間讓藝術家展示攝影畫作的好店。除了在紐約有兩個展示空間之外, 在法國也有兩個分店。這個有獨特風格的書藝廊是由波希米亞風格品牌Calypso的主人Christiane Celle成立的。藝術為本底的風格與Calypso的服飾店及家飾店雖有所區別但相輔相成。

Clic is a store that incoporates art, books and found design objects. It also doubles as a art gallery. Here you can find some rare photography books and great art pieces. The gallery is cozy yet airy. Besides the two locations in New York, Clic also has two sister stores in the south of France. The independent bookstore/gallery is found and curated by Christiane Celle, the owner of luxurious bohemian brand Calypso. Clic has a much more astute atmosphere compared to Calypso, but the two could almost go hand in hand to complimate each other.

New York Raves No. 5


2. Canvas 199 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012

Canvas在Chelsea(雀兒喜)有一間比較大的店面, 但其實物品相同。Canvas的家飾理念是簡單但高品質的, 我個人非常鐘情於所有的木造及玻璃物品。所有的物件顏色都不鮮艷但卻有大氣之風, 擺入各種風格不同的家中都不會突兀, 反而非常有存在感。而最近發紅發紫的原因也是因為台灣設計師Jason Wu與此品牌合作設計了一系列的美麗家飾。

Canvas is a home furniture/style store, all of the objects are simple, clean-lined and of great quality. There is a another location in Chelsea, it's a much bigger store, but the objects they have in both stores are identical. Out of everything from Canvas, I personally scream for all the wooden accessories and glassware. Everything from Canvas is in muted colors but they are not timid. They would fit into different home environments and still stand out. This minimalistic brand has gotten a lot of press lately because Taiwanse-American designer Jason Wu just collaborated with them for a series of gorgeous homeware for Spring.

New York Raves No. 5

New York Raves No. 5


3. MiN NEW YORK 117 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10012

MiN是一個以舊式風格裝修, 銷售來自不同國家高級梳化保養品的藥妝店。這家店進去後如果荷包沒抓緊心沒控制好的話是非常容易大失血的。每一樣東西都很特別, 幾乎在別的店家都找不到。平常需要跑歐洲好幾個國家才看得到的精品香水, 乳液, 蠟燭, 男性用刮鬍用品, 裝飾小物, 還有MiN自己研發的護髮用品, 在這裡都找得到也非常吸引顧客的目光。很想多試幾種香味但不想花大錢買一整瓶的香水也可以要求買一小罐sample喔。在MiN還有一個特別的收費服務項目: 一小時的私人諮詢讓專業的香氛護理師推薦屬於你的香氣及護膚護髮用品, 寵愛自己的過程簡單化也個人化, 非常貼心。

MiN is an apothecary that carries a selection of carefully curated beauty items from all over the world. The store is nicely decorated in a vintage-inspired theme. Stopping by MiN, if you're not determined enough, it's really easy to just go all out and spend quite a bit of money here. The reason being everything is unique and you probably won't find them in another store. There are perfume, moisturizer, candles, accessories and men's grooming products that can only be found in Europe, but MiN gathers them under one roof and saves you a few hop-around in Europe. MiN also developed its very own collection of haircare line. Want to sample some of the stuff before you make the decision to shell out the money? Ask for viles of samples to bring home, they will be happy to oblige. There is also a unique service at MiN, a one-hour personal consultation with an aromatherapist in the store. They can help you create a simple personal care plan, from fragrance to skincare to haircare, completely personalized routine. Their motto is you don't need a ton of products, but you can use the few right products that suit you, how true.

New York Raves No. 5


4. Shoe 247 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012

在紐約想要買名牌的鞋子及包包非常容易, 只要荷包夠深, 往Barneys或是Bergdorf Goodman一定找的到。但這家非常低調的Shoe販售著來自加州品牌Cydwoq簡單線條的成品, 不管是包包、皮質小物或鞋子都是由高品質的牛皮製作而成。在這裡非常容易找到獨一無二的設計, 沒有logo但不會過時且越用越有風味的皮質包包。想從紐約帶回和其他人不太一樣的皮質品, 別忘了逛逛Shoe。

It's easy to get brand name shoes and bags in New York, as long as you have bank, a trip to Barneys or Bergdorf Goodman will get you some awesome designer accessories. But there are other options. Shoe is a low-key store tucked in a corner of Nolita that sells simple leather accessories from California brand Cydwoq. From bags to wallet to shoes, everything is hand crafted in the finest leather with clean details, it's really easy to find one-of-a-kind designs here. There are no huge logos on the bags, and with wear and tear, the leather on these items would just look even better. Want to bring a nice bag from New York home and use it for years and years? Definitely try to stop by Shoe.

New York Raves No. 5

New York Raves No. 5

襪子及襯衫圖片來自The Sock Hop網站

5. The Sock Hop 248 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012

櫥櫃裡都是無聊顏色的襪子嗎? 襪子永遠都是藏起來的配件嗎? 來逛過The Sock Hop後你一定會仔細思考襪子到底要怎麼配怎麼顯露出來才好看。從許多鮮艷圖案的男士襪到女用絲襪, 褲襪, 半透明的短襪, 整片蕾絲的及膝襪, 所有的襪子幾乎都只有一雙。這是一家秉持著襪子也是個性配件的店家, 除了非常有特色的襪子之外, 還有量身定制的襯衫服務, 喜歡合身襯衫的男生非常有福。The Sock Hop也是少有對男女生都有吸引力的獨立小店。

Do you only have boring socks? Are socks always supposed to be hidden under anything you wear? You will change your mind once you've been to The Sock Hop. You will start to think of ways to show off those incredible beauties from this store. There are colorful patterns and textures on men's socks. There are intricate stockings, tights and transluscent ankle socks with beautiful details and fully-laced knee high socks for women. You will probably only see one pair of any socks you have your eyes on. This is a store that believes in socks being the most important accessories to any outfit so uniqueness is key. But besides these gorgeous stemwear, The Sock Hop also offers customized shirt tailoring. To guys who just screams for nicely fitted shirts, you're in luck. This is one of the few stores that caters equally to both male and female clients, what a gem.

New York Raves No. 5

New York Raves No. 5

圖片來自Thomas Sires網站

6. Thomas Sires 243 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012

Thomas Sires是一家清爽乾淨的潮店, 一走進去很難馬上走出來。除了設計精緻的衣服之外, 還有店家親自採購的雜貨。例如得過獎的備長炭空氣清淨小箱, Yellow Owl的文具紙類, 晚安抱枕, Saipua的香氛肥皂, 每一樣都很特別也會讓你細細研究。除了替自己採買衣物外, 更會想好好替家裡或工作的空間加入新的點綴。

Thomas Sire is a refreshing store, it's hard to just go in and out quickly. Besides their own line of incredibly stylish garments, the store also carries a carefully curated line of home accessories. For example, the award winning bichotan air freshener block, the stationary from Yellow Owl, adorable lounging pillow/cushions, beautifully fragrant soap from Saipua, everything will make you stop and take a second look. At Thomas Sire, besides shopping for clothes, you would also want to bring back some new lively elements to your home or office.

New York Raves No. 5

New York Raves No. 5


7. Modo Modo選擇性的與幾個知名設計師品牌的鏡框和墨鏡, 例如3.1 Philip Lim, Jason Wu, Derek Lam及7 For All Mankind。所有的鏡架幾乎都是在日本以很高的標準生產, 非常漂亮。但Modo品牌中最有名的應該是他們自己旗下的Eco。Eco所有的鏡架都利用95%的回收資源, 而且公司訂下了售出一個鏡框便栽種一棵樹的規則。這樣保育地球環境的想法讓很多名人都願意支持這個品牌。美國越來越多把生意與善舉結合的品牌, 非常值得關注。

Modo collaborates with a few selected designers for sunglasses and glass frames, such as 3.1 Philip Lim, Jason Wu, Derek Lam and 7 For All Mankind. All of the frames are manufactured in Japan with the highest attention to details, these frames are flawless. But what's most well-known about Modo is their green brand Eco. All of the frames from Eco are made with 95% recycled materials, and there is a one-frame-one-tree rule in the company. When a pair of glasses is sold, the company will plant a tree on earth. The environmental friendly and giving approach won them tons of celebrity supporters. The direction of a business giving chunks of their profits to do well for the environment is a huge trend in the US right now, and definitely one to watch for.

New York Raves No. 5

8. Cafe Select 212 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012

逛街逛累了, 在Nolita一樣吃得到到底的瑞士料理, 經典的乳酪鍋, 德式香腸, 香煎牛小排還有德國麵疙瘩(Spaetzel)都是值得一試的道地風味。但使用當地食材的沙拉, 燉飯, 還有德式甜點都不容錯過。不管是親密的晚餐, 迅速的午餐, 還是同樂的週末早午餐, Cafe Select都能滿足你的需求。當然一杯好咖啡及飲品也是讓我著迷於這個小餐館的原因之一喔。

After all the shopping, it's time to eat. In Nolita, you can have some pretty authentic Swiss cuisine. The classic fondue, bratwurst, weiner schnizel and spaetzle can all be found at Cafe Select. Besides the familiar dishes, salads and rissoto that incorporate seasonal ingredients or swiss/german desserts are also incredible. It doesn't matter if you're here for a intimate dinner, a quick lunch or a joyful brunch gathering, Cafe Select can probably always cater to your needs. And of course, great coffee and drinks are reasons enough for me to fall head-over-heels for this little dining spot.

小提醒: 來逛街的美女們請把細跟的4吋美鞋留在家中, 輕便的涼鞋/布鞋絕對更舒適。

Tip: To all girls, please leave your 4 inch heels at home when coming to Nolita. You will be thankful after a long day of walk in your flat sandals/casual shoes.

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