媽媽的愛心醬料 / Sauces with love from Mom

Mom mailed some angel-hair noodle with organic taiwanese sauces

媽媽從我十四歲出國後就不間斷的常常寄愛心包裹給我。從高中, 大學, 碩士, 出社會, 到現在已經成為人妻, 她從不間斷的擔心我是否吃飽吃好, 也總是看到什麼便多帶一份等著下次寄給我。和我一起出國的朋友無數, 而我母親的包裹是朋友圈中出名的, 因為什麼都寄過了, 包括不該寄的芋頭及文旦都偷偷寄了好多次。這次媽媽又找到了有機及純淨的永豐餘生技醬料讓我試試。

Ever since coming to the US when I was 14, my mom has never stopped sending me care packages. Through the years of high school, college, masters studies, professional life, until now as a married woman, she is still worrying about whether or not I've been eating well and enough. Whatever quality food items she comes across in Taiwan, she would always buy an extra portion for the package that she would mail me later. Throughout my journey as a student, I've met numerous friends that also came abroad as students , and amongst the circle, mom's package has always been infamous because it could contain anything at all. Just as an example, Taiwanese taro and Taiwanese pummelo have snuck inside of the boxes quite a few times. This time, mom found some organic and pure Taiwanese sauces from Green&Safe for me to try.

Scallion oil with cabbage and angel-hair noodles

取出也是媽媽寄來的麵線, 還有在農夫市場買到的高麗菜。把麵線和高麗菜都燙熟了拌入少許的油蔥便成為清香的高麗菜麵線。

With the Taiwanese angel hair noodles that mom mailed along with the sauces and the cabbage I got from the farmer's market a few days ago, I made a simple dish. After boiling the noodles and cabbage until they're soft, I mixed in a bit of the scallion oil to make a quick noodle dish. And the reason why I didn't add any salt here is because the Taiwanese angel noodles already incorporate a small amount of salt, so adding any additional salt would make the dish hard to eat.

Blanched Veggie with dark soy


As a side, I drizzled the dark soy sauce on the blanched veggies from the Japanese market.

Kohlrabi, carrot, mushroom and chicken soup

雖然是早春但氣溫還是很低, 讓人不自覺的就想喝碗熱湯。我覺得能搭配上這兩道簡單的菜便是熱熱的雞湯。為了節省時間我用了已經去皮的雞腿熬湯, 配上一樣是農夫市場買來的大頭菜, 台灣的花菇, 紅蘿蔔及兩粒乾燥的無花果, 煮個25分鐘就可以上桌了。

To go along with the two dishes, the first thing that came to mind was some chicken soup. Though it's already early Spring, the temperature is still quite low but makes it a perfect weather for a bowl of hot broth. To save time, I made the soup with skinless drumsticks with the farmer's market kohlrabi, carrot, some Taiwanese dried mushroom and two dried figs. After a 25 minute boil, the soup is done.

Dinner inspired by the amazing Taiwanese sauces mom mailed over

自從出國後, 我時常想念著台灣的食物及媽媽的料理。從大學開始也從亂煮, 只照食譜煮, 到現在偶爾自己自創一些簡單的家常菜。從毫無想法追隨流行的料理方式到現在每一樣食材都非常注意。除了在幾年前家人出了健康問題後對自己再三的提醒之外, 也有了擁有健康才能向前走, 我的健康才是家人的安慰的想法, 我儘量的身體力行。有沒有上班一整天很累下班還是選擇外食的情況, 那當然還是常常發生, 但外食若是能能選擇均衡及好食材的餐廳, 其實只是替自己減輕壓力, 對心理的健康也是有很大的幫助的。

Living abroad, I often miss mom's cooking and Taiwanese food in general. So in college, I dabbled in the kitchen, then I followed recipes to a T for a while, and now I sometimes create a few of my own dishes or make adjustments to the recipes I come across. I progressed from mindlessly following food trends to focusing on selecting quality ingredients. With the health scare from my family a few years ago, I constantly reminded myself to stay on top of my own health, and the best way to do it is to watch what I put on my plate. Besides the reminders, I also believe that without health I wouldn't really be able to do anything and staying healthy would also help ease the worries of my family living far away from me. I try my best to cook as often as I can but are there days when I am just absolutely exhausted from work and opt for eating out? Absolutely, very often, but I pick restaurants that serve quality and balanced meals. Sometimes when eating out is enjoyable, it releases stress and aid in our inner health.

今天的自創簡便家常菜, 並不是什麼五星級料理。但料理過程中我感謝媽媽不辭辛勞的愛心包裹, 還有她從我們孩兒時代每日煮食養育的態度。這一切讓我很堅持的一直學習著飲食且為自己的小家庭健康把關。

The self made home meal today is not a meal made with luxurious ingredients. But while making it, I keep thinking about mom's efforts in sending me the care package, and her positive attitude in making good meals to feed us everyday ever since we were babies. All of these thoughts help me stay on track with my food studies and my commitment to keep my own little tiny family healthy for as long as I can.