紐約瘋什麼 / New York Raves No. 1

我♥紐約 / I ♥ New York 一年一度的情人節又要到了, 除了花都巴黎、水鄉威尼斯之外, 紐約也稱得上是世界上最浪漫的城市之一。有多少的電影都是以紐約作為男女主角陷入熱戀的背景城市呢?數不盡渴望愛情的男女也在這個城市裡期盼著下一次的戀曲。

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, besides Paris and Venice, New York is definitely one of the most romantic cities in the world. It has been used as the backdrop of romance in so many movies. Lots of love-thirst single ladies and gentlemen search and hope to fall in love here.

在紐約有無數的餐廳, 要吃高級的大餐非常容易, 例如Per Se, Le Bernardin, Eleven Madison Park, 及Jean-Georges。在這幾個由名廚主持的餐廳幾乎是不可能遇到失敗的燭光晚餐。對於希望充分享受豪華氣氛的情侶們這幾個餐廳是再適合不過了。但紐約並不只有豪華的餐廳, 更多的是藏在小巷弄裡用當季食材做出精緻美食且座位不多的小館。

There are a huge number of restaurants in New York, it's easy to get access to a luxurious meal, for example Per Se, Le Bernardin, Eleven Madison Park and Jean-Georges. All of these restaurants are owned by celebrity chefs and it's virtually impossible to get a bad meal/candlelight dinner in them. But in New York, compared to the high-end restaurants, there are even more small brasserie-type of hidden gems in the alleys and less travelled streets.


Buvette是主廚Jody Williams在去年初開在紐約西村的小餐廳。這個容量不大的小地方幾乎和在巴黎的brasserie沒有任何的差別。份量不大的精緻小食 , 所有客人都能依照個人喜好點餐。這是一個吃飯完全不會有壓力但又不失成熟感的好所在。

Buvette opened in the West Village by chef Jody Williams at the beginning of last year. This little place is almost identical to a local Paris brasserie. With all various items you can order and a smaller portion, every customer can create an experience of their own. It's such a relaxed yet formal enough place to dine.


the little owl和Buvette一樣是迷你型的, 但氣氛棒極了, 也是很多名人都很喜歡來用餐的地點。雖然鄰桌用餐的客人對話你都能聽見, 但這也表示你和你的情人會靠得很近。除了溫暖的用餐環境, 每一道帶了地中海飲食風味的菜都無可挑剔的好吃。

the little owl, just like Buvette, is teeny tiny, but it has the best atmosphere. A lot of celebrities love to drop by as well. Though the tables are so close that you can hear everything your neighbors are saying, but that also means you sit extra close to your date. Besides a warm and welcoming environment, every Mediterranean-inspired dish is absolute perfection.


同樣位在西村的Palma用每天從農莊送到的新鮮食材變成道地但不膩口的義大利料理。除了飲食好吃之外, 餐廳的後半區是一個美麗的花園。客人們可選擇要坐在花園裡或者空間較隱秘的餐廳前半, 為了創造出一個難忘的情人節, 記得選擇花園喔。

Palma is also in West Village, every day the chef uses the farm fresh ingredients to create authentic but overtly heavy Italian dishes. Besides the good food, the back side of the restaurant is a beautiful garden. The customers could choose to sit in the garden or at the front of the house where it's more private, but to create a special night with your date, choose the garden.

除了以上幾個餐廳之外, 還有用餐地點是一個玻璃屋花園的August, 料理氣氛都超優的The House, 選用當地食材菜單永遠在變化的Cookshop, 除了壽司、創意料理還有手桿蕎麥麵的15 East, 專注於提供客人巧克力及小點的Ayza Chocolate & Wine Bar

Besides these few restaurants, there are also August for a the green-house garden dining experience, The House for a romantic setting and delicious French food, Cookshop for the ever-evoling menu with local ingredients only, 15 East for the sushi, elegant Japanese dishes and the hand-made soba noodles, and last but not least, there is Ayza Chocolate & Wine Bar for a chocolate-filled Valentine's day.

然而除了外食之外, 其實我個人最喜歡的情人節過法就是小倆口在家自己慶祝, 但鮮花及巧克力都是不可少的。這兩個情人專屬的禮物幾乎在所有的商店都可以買到, 甚至有人喜愛從網路訂購, 但情人節就是要特別啊。

Besides eating out, my favorite way to spend this day is to celebrate at home with my loved one, but don't forget the chocolates and flowers. These two Valentine's day staples could be found in almost any stores, some people would even order online, but Valentine's day needs to be special!


The Meadow是一家非常特別的店。這家從奧勒岡州的波特蘭起家來紐約開分店的食用鹽專賣店有幾乎上百種的天然鹽。除了最常見的玫瑰鹽, 鹽之花, 夏威夷的黑鹽, 還有灰鹽, 紅鹽等等, 數都數不清。但這家店除了賣鹽之外還有賣我在紐約看過最多種類的巧克力, 最美麗及特別的新鮮花朵, 及店長精選的酒。情人節需要的東西這家鹽專賣店竟然通通都找得到!

The Meadow is a really special store, it sells hundreds of different type of natural salt. It's originated in Portland, Oregon with a branch store in New York. Besides the most commonly seen Himalayan pink salt, fleur de sel, there are also black salt from Hawaii, grey salt, ruby salt, I can't even remember the exact number for the different types of natural salt they carry. But what's special about this store is it also sells a large variety of chocolates, the most beautiful in-season special variety of flowers, and carefully selected wine collection. Whatever you need for your Valentine can be found in this little tiny shop!


有了鮮花後, 希望買到手作且好品質的巧克力, 一定要來Kee’s Chocolates

If you have the flowers, but want to find some hand-made and excellent quality chocolates, you have to stop by Kee's Chocolates.


這家位在蘇活區的小店家是由Kee Ling Tong在2002年成立的。在店裡賣的每一顆巧克力都是Kee用心手做的, 不但精心選用食材, 也獨創出如茉莉花, 松子, 芝麻, 黑玫瑰, 茴香, 伯爵茶等等的口味。

The little store that's located in Soho was founded by Kee Ling Tong in 2002. Every single piece of chocolate in the store is handmade with love by Kee. Not only does she care about quality ingredients, she also created some exclusive flavors such as Jasmine, Pignoli, Sesame, Black Rose, Fennel and Earl Grey.


而在紐約正在發燒的馬卡龍Kee也在很早前就開始製作。不像一般出了名的店家一般, Kee到現在還是幾乎每天都在店裡, 進去店裡的每一位客人Kee幾乎都記得也叫得出口。除了好吃的巧克力之外, Kee的待客之道無人能比。她悄悄的對我說, 除了在情人節會有心形的百香果巧克力之外, 今年她還會作一些非常特別的口味, 而想知道的人請光臨Kee’s吧! 我非常認真的保證你絕對不會後悔。

Kee also started making the ever-so-popular French dessert in New York, macaron, for a while now, with distinctive flavors. Not like the other store owners, Kee can be found on site almost every day, she remembers and almost can name all of her customers with a warm greeting. Besides impeccable chocolates, her customer service is also perfection. She quietly told me that besides the heart-shape passionfruit chocolates, there will be some special flavors just for Valentine's day. But please give the store a call or visit the store to find out, you won't regret it!


除了Kee’s Chocolates, 在紐約也同樣出名的手工巧克力是Mast Brothers

Besides Kee's Chocolates, the other well-known handmade chocolate store is Mast Brothers.


這個由兩兄弟一起打造的品牌, 除了注重巧克力的純度及製作程序之外, 可能也是第一家自己選購並獨自進口巧克力豆的店家。為了瞭解巧克力豆的生長方式及烘培方法, 兩兄弟與店員們到多明尼加去採購, 考察並親自運貨回紐約。

Mast brothers, like its name, was founded by two brothers. Besides the well-balanced chocolate/sugar ratio and a well developed chocolate making process, it's probably the first store in New York that imports their own cacao beans. To understand the environment the cacao beans grow in and to see the process bean-roasting, the two brothers along with some of their employees took a trip to The Dominican Republic to do the merchandising, researching and moving the beans back to New York themselves.


為什麼如此的堅持, 因為店主人只願做出最好的巧克力賣給客人也不願用便宜的材料魚目混珠, 讓所有的客人們都可以安心的購買。店員也非常樂意解答所有的疑問, 幾十種的片狀巧克力及手工現作的松露巧克力及甜點讓你慢慢挑。

Why do they have such determination? Because the owners want to provide the best chocolates and not mediocre products by mixing dairy or lower quality ingredients. They want to give the customers the best. All the the employees are extremely helpful with any questions as well. Over 20 different types of chocolate bars, fresh truffle daily and handmade treats gives you plenty to choose from.


最後, 如果不想外食, 也不喜歡巧克力的朋友, 帶你的情人去Lady M吃個甜點, 喝杯咖啡, 說說情話吧。

Finally, if you don't want to go out, and you also dislike chocolates, take your date to Lady M for a slice of cake and a cup of coffee, oh and exchange some loving words.


這個在紐約超經典的蛋糕店每天有現作的甜點, 不甜不膩的口感, 一試就會上癮的口味。看到連平日都大排長龍的外帶隊伍就知道Lady M有多吸引人了。

The classic New York confection store serves fresh cakes and pastries daily. Not overtly sugary and buried in whipped cream, the cakes actually felt light and the ingredients shine through, very distinctive tastes that you wouldn't forget. You can tell how attractive this place is by looking at the take-out line by the store even on weekdays.


除了最有人氣的千層薄餅之外, 栗子蛋糕, 綠茶蛋糕, 無麵粉巧克力蛋糕都非常的好吃。還有非常特別的是一個每年的十月到三月才有的布丁蘋果蛋糕。

Besides the most popular Mille Crépes, Gâteau Aux Marrons, Green Tea Mousse Cake, Flourless Chocolate Cake are also sensational. And the other specialty item is Flan Aux Pommes that are on served between the months of October through March.

紐約充滿了浪漫的小角落, 情人節除了有美食, 鮮花, 巧克力相伴之外, 別忘了牽起你身邊人的手散散步, 逛逛這個可愛的城市, 發掘屬於你們的角落。也許是一起在Highline上看夕陽, 也許是在中央公園享受迷失在樹林裡的感覺, 也許是在布魯克林看著曼哈頓的天際線, 又或者是在音樂震響的舞池瘋狂扭擺。不管你的情人節計劃是什麼, 別忘了說一句 “I Love You”。

New York is filled with romantic corners, besides the food, flowers and chocolates on Valentine's day, don't forget to take your date out on a walk, look a closer look at this lovely place, find a corner that belongs the two of you. It could be on The Highline during sunset, it could be a secluded corner in Central Park, it could be overlooking the Manhattan cityscape in Brooklyn, or it could be a good lounge with great music. No matter what your plan is for Valentine's day, don't forget the most important three words, "I Love You."

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