忙碌的工作讓我倆沒有時間每天煮飯。自從夏天去了Natural Gourmet Institute上了兩個星期的課之後, 對於不同食材的大膽嘗試度大幅的提升, 也對於利用當季食材的餐廳比之前更加感興趣。Franchia是幾年前就聽說過的韓國素菜茶館, 那天想不出來該去哪用晚餐時想起了這個其實離家裡很近的餐廳, 頂著秋風倆人慢慢散步十五分鐘就到達了。

Busy day jobs leave us no time to get in the kitchen and make dinner every single day. Ever since I went to the 2-week summer intensive course at the Natural Gourmet Institute in the summer, I've really opened up my palette and got even more interested in finding restaurants that use seasonal ingredients than before. Franchia is a Korean vegan cafe that I've heard about a few years back, I recalled this memory when we were thinking up dinner choices the other day, 15 minutes in the brisk autumn wind and we arrived at the restaurant.

Corn and Cilantro Pancake

玉米香菜煎餅 / Corn and Cilantro Pancake

Pumpkin Noodle Salad

南瓜麵沙拉 / Pumpkin Noodle Salad

Vegan Bibimbop

素食韓國拌飯 / Vegan Bibimbop

Green Curry Noodle Soup

 綠咖哩湯麵 / Green Curry Noodles Soup

Dandelion Tea

蒲公英茶 / Dandelion Tea

喜歡素食又愛嘗鮮的朋友不妨一試。店裡的裝潢說真的有待加強, 不過食物及茶類都很好吃喔。

Vegan lovers who want to try an Asian take on vegan should give this place a shot. I wish they would upgrade the decor at the restaurant but the food and tea are fantastic.