Artist 01: Anja Markiewicz

Floreuskugel aus 30 Elementen, jedes 9mm

無意間在Flickr上發現了Anja的nano-oigami (迷你摺紙藝術)。自從去MAD看了Slash: Paper Under the Knife展還有看了一部PBS叫作Between the Folds的紀錄片之後我就一直對紙藝術家有非常大的興趣。看到Anja的作品, 我的腦中只出現了有耐心及求完美兩組字。要做出這麼小這麼細工的摺紙, 我相信Anja付出的時間和精力不會比做正常尺寸紙雕的藝術家來的少。因為她一直不斷的試驗和努力我們才看得到這麼精細的作品。我有幸經過email和Anja做了一個簡短的訪談, 而她的個性就像我想的一樣, 非常可人。

It was by chance that I stumbled upon Anja's nano-origami set on Flickr. I have been very intrigued by artists who work with paper ever since I went to the Slash: Paper Under the Knife exhibition at the MAD in New York and watched the PBS documentary Between the Folds. Anja's work speaks two words to me, patience and perfection. I believe the time and effort that Anja has been putting into perfecting all the tiny details would not be any less than any other larger-scale origami artists. It is through experiments and persistance that we're seeing this intricate collection. I had the pleasure in having a conversation via email with Anja, and yes, I was right, she is absolutely lovely.

Drachen von Robert Lang 37mm

1.你是在哪裡長大的, 現在又住在哪裡呢? 我是在德國的萊比錫長大的, 現在住在離柏林非常近的波茲坦。

1.Where are you from and where do you reside now? I'm from Leipzig, Germany and I live in Potsdam now which is very close to Berlin.

snowflake von jared needle 38mm

2. 你是什麼時候又是怎麼開始摺紙藝術的呢? 其實真的是一個很好笑又很偶然的情況下開始的。我是在四五年前和朋友一起發現了迷你紙藝。當時我還是學生,和朋友同上一堂課, 而那堂課說真的非常非常的無聊。為了抵無聊我們分食了一些巧克力。巧克力吃完後我們為了找別的事情來做就用巧克力的包裝紙拿來折紙船。折完兩艘船後我們又拿了一張包裝紙撕成兩半折了更小的船。像闖關一樣, 我們越折越小, 一直到完全不能折為止。用這麼小的紙要折出好的作品對我來說非常的有挑戰性所以回家後我便開始了一整個系列的迷你摺紙作品。真的是非常的有趣。

2. When and how did you start working with origami? This is a fun story and a little bit of a coincidence. A friend and I discovered nano-origami during a class when I was still in school about 4-5 years ago. Let's just say the class was not very interesting at all... The whole thing started out as the two of us sharing some chocolates to stay interested in the class, it didn't help. So we took the wrappings of the chocolates and started folding a ship. We started with a normal size ship, and then for fun, we cut the paper in half and tried it again. After that we just continued to size it down again and again until we simply couldn't fold any more. It was exciting and challenging to fold with such small pieces of paper that I was completely inspired to work on a series of nano-origami at home by myself. I had an absolute blast.


3. 你平時還會折比較大尺寸的摺紙還是會寧願折迷你版的呢? 我喜歡折迷你版的! 通常我折比較大尺寸的話就是因為我在試驗整個折的過程還有步驟, 因為轉換成迷你紙藝時就有些東西要很注意。每一個迷你作品都有一定的困難度也因程度不同挑戰性也不一樣,可是絕對沒有簡單就完成的作品。

3. Do you still fold bigger size origami or you prefer the mini ones? I prefer the mini ones! I usually fold bigger size models as experiements and to test the procedures, but they are more like practices and plannings. And it is absolutely a challenge every time to start sizing the models down to nano-size, depending on the complexity of the models. The more details, the more difficult it is.

Kranich aus 18mm

4. 除了摺紙之外, 平常你還有做些什麼有趣的事情嗎? 我只喜歡摺紙(笑), 我真的對迷你紙藝有極度的熱情, 摺紙讓我找到了人生新的一條路。我現在會常常到不同的城市去參加由摺紙愛好者組成的聚會, 在那些場合我能和很多志同道合的朋友們一起摺紙一起研究一些新的方法和技巧。還有, 每個星期一在波茲坦都會有一個當地達人的聚會, 我每個禮拜都非常期待, 因為對我來說那是一個星期最美好的開始。

4. Besides folding these incredible miniature origami, what other fun stuff do you do? Oh, I only fold paper, nano-origami has become the passion of my life! It opened up a whole new world for me. I often drive to different cities to attend origami meetings and origami conventions to meet up with other origami artists (origamists). We fold together and share our experiences and tricks. And I always look forward to the weekly monday Potsdamer origami meeting which are pleasant openings to my weeks.

modular flower von Michael LaFosse; 6 Teile aus 9mm gesteckt

5. 摺紙對你來說代表了什麼? 摺紙是我的生活。 摺紙是我的熱情。 摺紙是與朋友的相聚。 摺紙是放鬆的方法。(沒錯, 折迷你作品能使我放鬆!)

What is origami to you? origami is my life. origami is my passion. origami is to meet with friends. and origami is relaxation (yes, folding nano-origami is relaxation!)