Catskills: Nov 2010

秋葉變紅就要採蘋果 / Colorful leaves means apple picking

北美的秋季又到了, 因為之前不停的旅行, 我和思先生每年去Saugerties過一個秋日週末的計畫並沒有實現。

Autumn is here again, because of my endless travels in the past month, Mr. Si and my annual weekend trip to Saugerties didn't happen.

不能去庭院裡滿是秋葉的小木屋, 只好去採蘋果了。租了Zip Car, 找到了一個從來沒去過的農莊, 我們就上路了。這個叫作Mead Orchards的地方不僅僅是能採上十幾種的蘋果, 在不同的季節也能去採不同的水果, 有草莓, 藍苺, 櫻桃還有水蜜桃。

If we can't visit that adorable cottage in the woods, we gotta at least go apple-picking. We found an orchard on the internet called Mead Orchards, got a zip car and went on the road. Mead Orchard not only is good for various variety of apples, at different times of the year, it's also good for raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, cherry and peach picking.

因為我們幾乎是十月底去的所以剩下來的蘋果只有Fuji還有Cornell好吃。我們採了一大袋, 一袋大約有五十個的蘋果在結賬時才17塊美金, 看到時我冒出一句話, "那再回去採一袋好了..." 不過牛奶阻止了我因為我們可能連一袋也吃不完吧! 還是他有先見之明... 我們吃了兩個禮拜都還在努力, 還帶了一堆去給喵他們。

Because we missed the peak season and took the trip at the end of October, only the Fuji and Cornell were ripe. After some picking time, we got a huge bag of perhaps 50 apples for $17 dollars. When I heard the price, I said, "let's go back and get another bag..." Milk immediately told me that we probably wont't be able to finish the apples and stopped me from heading back into the orchard. He was right, the apples lasted us 2 weeks and we share half of our harvest with Meow.

除了每天早上一個蘋果之外, 當然愛亂做的我也嘗試了第一次做了蘋果派還有香煎豬小里肌佐蘋果醬汁。心得是, Fuji果然不能拿來烘烤... 汁多是這個品種的優點可是烘烤時確是它的敗筆... 雖然派烤好後還是很好吃可是裡面的蘋果有點變成蘋果湯的狀態, 不過味道還是很好, 下次一定要乖乖的去買每一次烤點心都用的Granny Smith或Mutsu... 雖然蘋果派賣相不好可是這個香煎豬小里肌佐蘋果醬汁可就很成功啦。蘋果汁是用在Mead Orchards買的現搾apple cider喔, 食譜在這裡

Besides an apple every morning, I tried to make an apple pie for the first time as well as testing a recipe for Roast Pork Tenderloin with Apples and Cider sauce. My huge note to self is, Fuji is definitely not a baking apple even if I wanted it to be... its juicy nature wins much love from people but for baking that's precisely its weakness. Even tho the pie was still delicious but the juice being drawn out of the apples was also pretty ridiculous, gotta go get Granny Smith or Mutsu like I always do. Even though the apple pie sort of failed, the tenderloin dish was a success! I made it with the apple cider we picked up from the orchard, oh I will definitely make this again.

回來之前經過了Rhinebeck。想到了幾年前跟阿兔, Ella, 布囉, 還有姊姊跟妹妹一起去的時候就下定決心回去看看小鎮上的店家是不是都還在。 很難過的是, 當時去喝英式下午茶的Spot of Tea已經變成泰式餐廳了... 不過聽說口碑很不錯。我跟思先生在Terrapin的Red Bistro吃完了晚餐才開車回家。非常推薦他們的Nachos還有Fish Tacos。 秋天去Catskills的任務達成, 明年必定會再回來!

Before coming home, we drove through Rhinebeck. Memories of my trip up there a few years ago with Wendy, Ella, Bulo, and my sisters flood into my head so we made a stop to see if all the stores and restaurants were still there. The sad news was the place where we had high tea, Spot of Tea, has become a Thai restaurant, though it's got pretty good reviews. Mr. Si and I decided to have dinner at the Red Bistro of Terrapin before heading home. We highly recommend their nachos and fish tacos. What a successful autumn trip to the Catskills, we shall return next year!