Born in Taipei, settled in Brooklyn, New York. A digital product designer, translator and writer. Passionate about cultural observations, photography, writing, curating goods and simple healthy eating. Love to stumble upon independent brands from different countries, as well as finding fresh and interesting ingredients in the market. Through these inspirations, I find solace in my wandering mind. Translation work include International Chinese edition of Kinfolk Table and Kinfolk Home.


This is where I share with you my favorite topics, but also a lot of what I am thinking. I love to write and photograph, they are tools for me to record the simple life I’m leading.

2007年,在失去最心愛的妹妹之後, 我發現許多堅持、懼怕、慾望都很無謂。 因此我重新出發,,讓生活以不停歇的自我成長為基礎。 對我來說,懂得認真生活和熱愛身邊的人事物,因而從內心發出光彩,那是絕對的幸福。

After 2007, after losing my  beloved younger sister, I realized rigidity, fear, desire are all unnecessary. So I got up after the big fall, to focus my life on continuous self-growth. To me, living with intention, love what’s around you, and shine from within are the ultimate happiness.