Traditionally, the second day of the lunar new year is usually when married ladies return to their parents' house. One great thing about marrying abroad is that whenever I come back to Taiwan to spend time with my parents, I get all the time with them. There is no need for me to rush between the in-laws and my parents'. This year, both Susan and I are home with our other half, along my 9-month-old nephew. My parents can't be more ecstatic, it's been a long time since all of us are together.


We all went to visit our 98-year-old grandma, took walks, strolled in the 80-degree sunny weather. I loved seeing succulents everywhere, talking about things that I wouldn't have talked about with dad as a kid, seeing our pup Lucky grow into a mature companion for the family. 


Coming back to Taiwan is always healing. But seeing the news from the US and all the protests taking place in New York, it makes me anxious and sad. The crazy executive orders from the orange-face-man are filled with too much hatred.  I'm a true first generation immigrant, I cried that night back in 2016 knowing he would become the president-elect. I don't know how many protests, movements and violent battles we'll have to endure to change the current situation. Mr. Si pretty much represents the US when we're traveling. He gets asked about his feelings for the president a lot, even though until now, both of us can't even associate the word "president" with the orange-face last name.


Still praying for a safe 2017, worrying about the situations back in the US. But for now, I'll try my best to enjoy the Taiwanese sunshine, people and food.