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I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

就算是電子時代, 我還是永遠為鉛筆著迷。來自意大利羅馬的文具專門店Antica Cartotecnica蒐集了從歐洲不同國家於1940-1960年間生產的鉛筆組成漂亮的套筆, 看了是不是很動心呢? (Via Vetted)

Even if it’s the digital generation, I’m forever infatuated with pencils. The Rome-based stationary seller Antica Cartotecnica collected pencils made between 1940-1960s all over Europe to create these beautiful sets, aren’t they so very attractive? (Via Vetted)

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

把時間握在手中的概念, 簡單的材質與線條, Momento輕巧又好看的錶。

The concept of holding time in your hand combined with simple texture and lines, a light and good looking watch from Momento.

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

Kutani Seal一系列的小缽及小盤看了好喜歡。

Really love the delicate tableware from Kutani Seal.

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

Henteco森の洋果子店做出來的餅乾應該不只抓住了小孩的心, 連大人看到了都會忍不住驚呼的。

The cookies from Henteco (bakery of the forest) not only caught the hearts of the little ones, but are probably making all of us gasp.

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

簡單的包裝紙才是王道, 尤其是這種兩面都可以用的漂亮包裝紙。(Via Sugar Paper)

Simple looking wrapping paper FTW, especially reversible ones like this. (Via Sugar Paper)

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

來自Suno的秋天洋裝, 真是好看。

A beautiful autumn dress from Suno, what a beaut.

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

RK Design的木質熱墊不但漂亮還可以拼成蜂巢狀!

Plywood trivet from RK Design is not only pretty but with a number of them you can make beehive shape!

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

Lunch Box Bunch的酪梨地瓜素漢堡, 看起來實在是太誘人了, 一定要來試試看!

Sweet potato veggie burger with avocado from Lunch Box Bunch, it looks absolutely mouth-watering, gotta give this a try!

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日本丸若屋是一個有雄心壯志的品牌, 它的理念在於把日本原有的傳統技術與現代的視覺概念融合打造出獨一無二的產品。2009年丸若屋邀請西班牙視覺設計師Jaime Hayón與日本上出長右衛門窯合作生產一系列的九谷燒陶瓷。Hayón設計過很多不同的生活用品, 但日本食器的設計可是頭一遭。因此設計前他非常努力的學習了日本的文化及生活習慣, 之所謂體會使用者的心情才能以他們能最方便使用的方式提出解決方案。

Maruwakaya is a visionary brand in Japan, its mission is to combine the Japanese traditional craftsmanship with contemporary concepts to produce unique products. Back in 2009, Maruwakaya invited Spanish designer Jaime Hayón to collaborate with the Japanese porcelain master shop Kutani Choemon to come up with a tableware collection. Hayón has designed many lifestyle products, but Japanese tableware was a definite first. Before proceeding with the design process, he studied the Japanese lifestyle and culture very closely so that he could understand the users and provide the best design solutions.

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雙方緊密合作下在一年後的2010年生產出這一系列Jaime Hayón x Kutani Choemon的精緻作品。不但傳承了日本傳統工藝的細膩手工, 也完整的傳達了Hayón的活潑意念及大膽線條。簡約中明顯多了頑皮的元素。

After working closely for a year, the lovely Jaime Hayón x Kutani Choemon was born in 2010. The collection not only inherited the delicate Japanese traditional craftsmanship, it also fully incorporated the lively and bold elements from Jaime Hayón. A simple collection with a touch of fun.

在一個月前, 終於看到了這個幕後製作的短片。我驚嘆於一件件手工拉胚手工繪製的成品, 也看得到日本傳統陶藝的用心與堅持。多虧了丸若屋的理念, 讓這兩個品牌合作激盪出這樣精彩的火花。我真希望件件瓷器都能好好收藏呢。

One month ago, I finally saw the short documentary to show their production process. I was in awe with the ceramic-throwing and hand-illustration techniques and thoroughly impressed with the spirit from a traditional Japanese shop. These two brands met and created some beautiful sparks thanks to the vision of Maruwakaya. I personally wish I could collect every single piece.

停刊了五個禮拜的我♥星期五又回來囉! 返鄉, 時差, 網站出問題, 一切解決後我又要來和你們分享我每個禮拜的最愛。

I ♥ Friay returns after a 5 week hiatus! Trip back to Taiwan, jet lag, web hosting having issues, after all of that I’m back to share my weekly loves.

i <3 friday: no.5

Littlegoodall的狐狸外套, 小孩穿起來應該很可愛吧。

Fox coat byLittlegoodall, must be cute on kids.

準備好02/05一起來搶Jason Wu的Target系列了嗎? 說真的我一向不愛追這些設計師企劃, 但Jason Wu是阿兔的小表弟, 也是台灣之光, 不支持一下怎麼可以!當然設計也真的是非常的美, 你說是不是?

Ready to fight ’til the last piece on 02/05 for Jason Wu for Target? I usually don’t go for the hype for the designer collaborations, but Jason Wu is A-tu’s little cousin, and pride of Taiwan, gotta root for him! And of course the design is just fantastic, don’t you agree?

i <3 friday: no.5

瑞典設計師Fideli Sundqvist作品集包括了好多的紙藝術, 太喜歡了。

The portfolio of Swedish designer Fideli Sundqvist includes so much paper art, very inspiring.

 I ♥ Friay : No. 5

描繪出四季的餐盤, 在同一個網站Baily Doesn’t Bark也有很多相關商品, 例如湯匙。簡單的黑白線條呈現出大自然的生長規律, 在把食物送進口裡時一定要心存感謝。

Dining plates that illustrate the progress of four seasons. On the same website, Baily Doesn’t Bark, there are other related products, such as spoons. I like how the cycle of growth of nature is simply represented with black lines and white space. All shall be so thankful for each bite we put in our mouth.

這個在互動設計界引起旋風的Jamie Beck不但能做出如上圖一樣美麗的cinemagraph, 她的網站也總是充滿了絢麗的照片及她精彩的出遊紀錄, 在阿布達比大清真寺的照片讓我只能讚嘆。

The infamous Jamie Beck not only stirred up the a big swirl in the interactive world with cinemagraph last year, her website is always filled with gorgeous photography and records of the amazing trips she takes around the world. The photos from The Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi left me speechless in awe.

i <3 friday: no.5

Kate Spade的逃學/蹺班包, 和我的個性還真是符合啊。

Play Hooky bag from Kate Spade, such a perfect fit for my personality.

i <3 friday: no.5

日本的刺繡藝術家有本 ゆみこ以輕柔仔細的態度做出非常有層次及複雜的作品。

Japanese embroidery artist Yumiko Arimoto displays such complicated work through her delicate touch.

cherry blossoms by night

Tinytoadstool是我最近找到的造型玩家, 非常非常喜歡她所有的照片, 販售的衣服雜物, 還有她那帶點童趣又不失成熟的風格。

Tinytoadstool is a stylist that I stumbled upon on the web recently. I really really like all of her photos, the clothing and crafts she sells, and her child-like fun and put together style.

對於總是在挖掘新寶藏腦子永遠轉不停的我來說, 一次推薦一樣東西說真的需要很強的控制力。幾經思考後決定把每個星期喜愛的東西整理成一篇文章每週在星期五推出。

看著美好迎接週末, 歡迎來到[我♥星期五]。

Through the endless exploration and my never ending mind, it takes a lot of control to recommend one thing at a time. After some thoughts, I decided to consolidate my favorite things of the week to one single post for a Friday weekly release.

A great start to the weekend by looking at the lovelies, welcome to [I ♥ Friday]!

I heart friday 11172011

Coral & Tusk的新生兒冬暖鞋讓我自己也很想要一雙大人版的。

Baby booties from Coral and Tusk makes me so jealous that I wish there was a pair my size.

I heart friday 11172011

結合摺紙藝術, 包裝藝術還有貼紙功能的Oribbon是由日本的Azumi Mitsuboshi設計的。
Oribbon from Japanese designer Azumi Mitsuboshi is a packaging stickers that can be customized with some imagination and origami skills.

I heart friday 11172011


Even if the balloons lose air, I till want to try this h220430 balloon chair.

I heart friday 11172011

Best Made Company的好品質,瓶身又值得收藏的楓葉糖漿

Great quality maple syrup from Best Made Company in a beautiful collectible glass jar.

I heart friday 11172011

Steven N. Meyers的X光花朵攝影集。

X-ray floral photography by Steven N. Meyers.

I heart friday 11172011

Joanne Lu把香港特色小吃都畫在這張圖上了。

Joanne Lu captured all the trademark yummies from Hong Kong in this print.

I heart friday 11172011

Secret Squirrel的絲質Gardenia Dress讓陰冷的晚秋雨天突然亮了起來。

The silk Gardenia Dress by Secret Squirrel made the late autumn rainy day colorful again.

I heart friday 11172011

河内建築設計事務的作品 – 裡外結合的47%屋

The work from Kochi Architect’s Studio in Japan – inside out, outside in 47% house.

by James Perse

by Firmament

Also see more of the art created to help relief the disaster in Japan.


Kaoiro/Emoji Stamp from gung, I absolutely ADORE this.

at Ishaya City, Japan. check out more Roadside Architecture.

Yes, I’m a bunny lover. I also love turtles.
Check out the Garbage Bag Art Work by MAQ inc., as seen on Pink Tentacle.

Art Space Tokyo is not only a useful guide. Everything from the material, the layout, the type setting to the illustrations just represent Japan extremely well. Huge credit to the illustrations from Nobumasa Takahashi. They set the tone of the book, and perfection is the word.

Everyone knows M.C. Escher and his famous drawings.

Yes, he’s the king of creating optical illusion. Now there is a PS3 game called Echochrome inspired by his art. It’s a game full of different levels of puzzles. All you have to do to solve them is by changing the perspective and align objects to guide the character to its final destination. What’s more amazing about this is, it’s in black and white only, no gimmicks, no insane graphics. Ok, some of you might think “how boring!”, but I think this is only fitting since it’s inspired by M.C. Escher.

Enjoy the trailer: