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又要快樂的迎接週末的來臨了! 這個週末要去一個情人節活動拍照, 還要替下一期的[紐約瘋什麼]稿做準備。你的週末計劃好了嗎? 先來看看我這星期為了什麼而感動了吧。

It’s time for us to celebrate the arrival of the weekend! I’m planning to do an outdoor shoot for a Valentine’s day special event. And I’ve also got to prepare my next article for the [New York Raves] series. Have you made some plans as well? Let’s take a look at what tickled my heart again this past week.


插畫家Geninne一邊畫圖一邊提醒自己要創造幸福, 我也該天天提醒自己。

Illustrator Geninne‘s reminder to herself while sketching, it’s something I should remind myself every day.


很喜歡的The Journey是由多才的藝術家Elsita做的兩吋迷你小書, 主題是人生的旅程。誰說不是呢? 人生如四季, 有苗草時期也有枯木時期, 而一本迷你的書把我們的旅途一語道盡。

A lovely miniature book by mixed-media artist, Elsita, called The Journey focuses on the journey of life. And how true, life is just like the seasons, we all go through glorious sprouting and lonesome hollow periods, and this miniature books tells it all.


Annaleenas Hem的黑白裝潢部落格及黑白為底色的照片永遠都看不膩。

Annaleenas Hem‘s monotone interior design blog and her monotone based photography is never going to go out of style in my mind.


情人節時布魯克林有名的花草肥皂店Saipua和花藝家Nicolette Camille聯手成立一個超短期的四天小店, 喜愛特別花束且在紐約的你, 別錯過了!

During Valentine’s day weekend, the Brooklyn-based flower/soap store Saipua and floral artist Nicolette Camille collaborate on a pop-up flower shop in downtown Manhattan. Flower lover? In NYC? Don’t miss it!


Sara的貓太可愛, 而我看到這張照片時也突然好想吃包子。

Sara‘s cat is so adorable, and when I saw this I wanted some steamed buns.

Little Press from Ishac Bertran on Vimeo.

丹麥互動產品設計師Ishac Bertran用教課剩餘的材料作出的一個迷你攜帶式凹版印刷器。這可以取代印章嗎? 太厲害了。

Danish interactive industraial designer Ishac Bertran created this little portable letterpress from scrap material during his teachings. Can this replace a personal stamp? Amazing!


Fifi LapinJuicy Couture的聯名產品, 我一直很喜歡Fifi Lapin這些穿出潮流的兔子。這個聯名系列除了可愛的絲巾還有水彩組, 塗鴉本, T-shirt 和卡片。(尖叫)

A collaboration between Fifi Lapin and Juicy Couture. I’ve aways liked the fashionable bunnies from Fifi Lapin. This collection includes some silk squares, watercolor set, sketchbook, t-shirt and cards. (I’m screaming.)


Marc Matsumoto的明太子義大利麵看起來很不錯, 我和好友J都非常喜愛明太子義大利麵, 看到了食譜肯定要記下來自己嘗試看看。

Mentaiko Pasta by Marc Matsumoto looks pretty good, friend J and I both love mentaiko pasta so I’m keeping this recipe for a rainy day to try.