[我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday]


Paper Storage Company設計的收納紙箱也太有趣了!

What intriguing storage boxes from Paper Storage Company!


Oysho的俏皮設計, 眾白羊中一隻黑羊的睡衣, 令人忍不住微笑。

Darling design from Oysho, black sheep in a crowd of white sheep, it made me smile.


手工挑選的果仁, 手工壓制的堅果獎, 手工包裝的瓶身, 來自Big Spoon Roasters

Hand-selected nuts, hand-crafted nut butter, hand-packaged beautiful jars, from 來自Big Spoon Roasters.


Julia Paul低調但好有質感的餐具碗盤。

Low-key and elegant tableware from Julia Paul.


來自瑞典設計師Clara von Zweigbergk美麗的Themis Prism吊飾, 仔細看了看, 是五行的色彩啊!

Beautiful Themis Prism mobile from Swedish designer Clara von Zweigbergk, after a closer look, it incorporates the colors of the five elements!


New Form Perspective的每一件衣服都有多重穿法, 真心的喜愛。

Every piece from New Form Perspective can be worn in multiple ways, love them from the heart.



The anchor bracelet from Miansai with pale leather is just perfection.


來自Hot Cakes的全素巧克力蛋糕-已預先完成配料, 只需放入烤箱20分鐘就有濃郁深厚的巧克力蛋糕可以吃了哦! (也有不是素食的版本喔)

Totally vegan molten chocolate cake from Hot Cakes – pre-made, pre-mixed, only need to go into the oven for 20 minutes, and voila, you have a scrumptious melt-in-your-mouth molten chocolate cake!

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

就算是電子時代, 我還是永遠為鉛筆著迷。來自意大利羅馬的文具專門店Antica Cartotecnica蒐集了從歐洲不同國家於1940-1960年間生產的鉛筆組成漂亮的套筆, 看了是不是很動心呢? (Via Vetted)

Even if it’s the digital generation, I’m forever infatuated with pencils. The Rome-based stationary seller Antica Cartotecnica collected pencils made between 1940-1960s all over Europe to create these beautiful sets, aren’t they so very attractive? (Via Vetted)

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

把時間握在手中的概念, 簡單的材質與線條, Momento輕巧又好看的錶。

The concept of holding time in your hand combined with simple texture and lines, a light and good looking watch from Momento.

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

Kutani Seal一系列的小缽及小盤看了好喜歡。

Really love the delicate tableware from Kutani Seal.

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

Henteco森の洋果子店做出來的餅乾應該不只抓住了小孩的心, 連大人看到了都會忍不住驚呼的。

The cookies from Henteco (bakery of the forest) not only caught the hearts of the little ones, but are probably making all of us gasp.

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

簡單的包裝紙才是王道, 尤其是這種兩面都可以用的漂亮包裝紙。(Via Sugar Paper)

Simple looking wrapping paper FTW, especially reversible ones like this. (Via Sugar Paper)

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

來自Suno的秋天洋裝, 真是好看。

A beautiful autumn dress from Suno, what a beaut.

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

RK Design的木質熱墊不但漂亮還可以拼成蜂巢狀!

Plywood trivet from RK Design is not only pretty but with a number of them you can make beehive shape!

I ♥ Friday : No. 22 09.28.2012

Lunch Box Bunch的酪梨地瓜素漢堡, 看起來實在是太誘人了, 一定要來試試看!

Sweet potato veggie burger with avocado from Lunch Box Bunch, it looks absolutely mouth-watering, gotta give this a try!



Perfect sidewalk/backyard wooden bench by Nikari.


好喜歡這件Lauren Moffatt的俏皮洋裝。

Really love this light-hearted dress from Lauren Moffatt.


Whoop的箭頭髮夾, 心中的箭射向誰呢?

Arrow bobby pin from Whoop, who should get the cupid’s arrow?


善用一年四季的蔬菜料理的澳洲大廚Matt Wilkinson帶來了這本好美的食譜書, 內頁的插畫是來自年輕但大有名氣的插畫家Miso, 不要錯過這本書喔! (Via Anthology)

The Australian chef, Matt Wilkinson, who is an expert at using seasonal vegetables all year round brought us this gorgeous cookbook. The illustration inside is by the young and well-respected Miso, don’t miss this one! (Via Anthology)


Maiden這組可直接剪裁縫成玩具獅子的茶巾實在太有趣了。(via CultureLabel)

This instant sewing-project tea towel from Maiden is just way too cool.(via CultureLabel)


Jess LC手環項鏈都簡單又好看。

Both the bracelet and necklace from Jess LC are simple yet adorable.


你知道這一組琺瑯鍋嗎? 這是60年代引爆潮流, 一直到現在都還是有不少擁護者搶購二手鍋的Dansk Kobenstyle系列。今年Dansk與Crate & Barrel合作把Kobenstyle帶回市場了!

Do you know this series of enamelware? These were the hit items in the 60s; even now the vintage pots are being traced down and by fans, they are the Dansk Kobenstyle. This year, Dansk and Crate & Barrel worked together to bring it back on the market! Oh Joy!


Love love love the camera bags from Ona!

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 20

攝影師Jonathan W Gooch一系列的柔和系漸層色照片帶了點夢幻。

The pastel ombre based photos from photographer Jonathan W Gooch are so dreamy.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 20

新的電子藝術雜誌Installation非常值得關注, 在iPad上直接與藝術品互動是潮流也是趨勢。

New digital art magazine Installation is definitely to be noted, interact with the art pieces directly on the iPad is the trend for sure.

來自Studiocanoe的詩與插畫, 細緻又逗趣。

Poem and illustrations from Studiocanoe, intricate and fun.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 20

清澈無比的天空是攝影師橫浪修的作品。他非常喜愛以同一個主題不同主角為概念來拍照, 非常有趣。

Crystal clear sky is from photographer Osamu Yokonami. He loves to create continuity of a concept by placing different characters in the same environment, REALLY interesting.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 20

女孩們, 來自The Beauty Department的夏日乾淨法式也可以因為加上點點後有一番新的風味喔!

Girls, the clean summery french manicure from The Beauty Department is so refreshing with some dots!

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 20

沒有孩子的我們很少會注意小孩的物件, 但偶爾看到很棒的產品還是忍不住仔細的研究。Ovo的嬰兒座椅可以跟隨著孩子的成長變化, 桌子可拆椅子可降低高度, 但當然漂亮的設計也非常重要!

Since we don’t have kids, we rarely pay attention to kids’ stuff, but sometimes when I run into fabulous designs, I would still study the details. The high chair from Ovo can be adjustable along with the growth of the kid, the table could be removed, the chair legs could be shortened, and most importantly, the design is beautiful!

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 20

Dominique FallaPostcards from Rome做的繽紛義大利麵明信片, 誰說義大利麵只能有一種顏色?

The postcard Dominique Falla made for the Postcards from Romeproject is so colorful, who said pasta is always one colored?

花了5年時間在25個國家拍攝的驚人綸美紀錄片Samsara呈現出”永不停止輪轉的生命”, 我非常期待, 8月底紐約有首映!

Crazy stunning new documentary Samsara was filmed in 5 years at 25 different countries to tell the story of “the ever turning wheel of life.” I cannot wait, there will be a screening in NYC at the end of August!

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 19

A-Thread看到的Scotch Naturals水性純植物指甲油, 不含任何的化學材質, 加上這麼漂亮的顏色, 太喜歡了!

Scotch Naturals nail polish as seen on A-Thread, this water based, vegan and completely non-toxic nail polish isn’t just safe, it’s gorgeous, absolute love!

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 19

Proud Mary專門設計美麗的布, 他們每一條圍巾, 每一個包包, 每一個枕頭都好迷人。

Proud Mary specializes in textile. Every one of their scarf, bag and pillow is absolutely alluring.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 19

Anthony Burrill說得真好, 「努力工作並善待人群」。

You said it, Anthony Burrill.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 19

Britt Bass作出好美的彩虹紙片裝置藝術。

Beautiful rainbow paper installation from Britt Bass.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 19

Jacob Bromwell的原始爆米花鍋, 加點油加點乾燥玉米, 家中火爐上或露營營火上都能隨時有健康又好吃的爆米花。

Just a little oil and some dried corn on in this Original Popcorn Popper from Jacob Bromwell, you’ve got healthy and tasty popcorn either at home or by a camp fire.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 19

好喜歡Paper & Chain這組簡單的環狀耳環。

Love this set of simple hoop earrings from Paper & Chain.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friday : No. 19

喜歡Gretel Home這組在家就能蓋個小村莊的木質玩具。

Lovely set of the wooden toys from Gretel Home to build a tiny village right at home.

要替小女生還是女生朋友開party, 但不知道怎麼佈置嗎? 下彩虹雨的雲朵聽起來怎麼樣? 我覺得非常不錯。

Thinking about hosting a party for girls or your girl friends but not sure what to do with the decoration? How do rainbow clouds sound? I think they sound great.

I ♥ Friday : No. 18

喜歡Susanna Vento的室內及攝影造型設計。(via Anthology)

Love the interior and visual stylings of Susanna Vento. (via Anthology)

I ♥ Friday : No. 18

Paloma’s Nest可用來裝小飾品的托盤, 最喜歡的地方是上面的文字,「感謝當下」。

Accessories holding plate by Paloma’s Nest is adorable, but I like the text on it the best, “Be Glad for This Moment.”

I ♥ Friday : No. 18

為了警惕民眾塑膠是污染海洋的頭號犯人, 在巴西的里約.熱內盧海灘上出現了這個用塑膠罐組成的巨大雙魚。(Via Counture Magazine)

To remind people again that plastic is the no.1 ocean killer, the giant double fish sculpture sits on Botofogo Beach in Rio de Janeiro.(Via Counture Magazine)

I ♥ Friday : No. 18

來自oui的手做陶瓷小碗, 喜歡它們的顏色形狀及質材。

The ceramic bowl set from oui is darling, really like the color, shape and texture of each of them.

I ♥ Friday : No. 18

看到Shoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.的延長線會不會覺得其實延長線也還蠻美的?

Aren’t these extension cord from Shoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. seem very attractive?

I ♥ Friday : No. 18

Louis Vuitton x 草間彌生的Infinitely Kusama系列就要開賣,在紐約07/10就會開pop-up shop, 非常期待!

The Infinitely Kusama collection by Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama is about to launch, and the New York pop-up shop is about to open on July 10th, can’t wait!

I ♥ Friday : No. 18

Uncommon Goods看到的趣味玩具, 圓筒包裝直接成為玩具車身, 我已經可以想到好幾個小朋友會喜歡了!

What an interesting concept of using the packaging as the toy car body, as seen on Uncommon Goods, I can count the little kiddos that would like this in my head already!

Onionskin替都市計劃音樂的Doit Science Album製作的動畫。

The Doit Science Album from City Planning Music by Onionskin.

I ♥ Friday : No. 17

一直都喜歡藉由網路逛逛的Totokaelo終於開店了, 雖然遠在西雅圖, 但看到乾淨風格的內部照片還是忍不住興奮的心情, 下次去西雅圖一定要去逛逛。(via Lena Corwin)

One of my web window shopping usuals Totokaelo has finally opened a brick and mortar, though it’s in Seattle, but I still got really excited. This just gets to be added on my list to visit next time I’m in Seattle. (via Lena Corwin)

I ♥ Friday : No. 17

Dreamy White的復古裝草莓用木盒在家裡當作桌上的收納盒是不是很有感覺呢?

The vintage french strawberry crate from Dreamy White looks fabulous as a tabletop organizer.

I ♥ Friday : No. 17

成立於2011的英國潮牌Three Floor Fashion這一季的洋裝都好浪漫。

Launched in 2011, British fashion brand Three Floor Fashion has such romantic dresses this season.

I ♥ Friday : No. 17

喜愛三明治的Kelly Pratt創立了Stately Sandwich,就為了找出美國每一州的代表性三明治。經過詳細分解後設計出了這一系列的照片。她的企劃還在進行中, 因為還有好多州都還是空白的, 我會持續關注的! 在這裡分享代表紐約的Reuben三明治, 還有啊, Stately Sandwich這星期也幸運的被納入了Fab的商店之一喔!

Sandwich-lover Kelly Pratt launched Stately Sandwich to search and archive the most representative sandwiches for all the different states in the US. After some research and identifying the ingredients, she styled and designed this series of photography. This project is ongoing since there are still many states to go for Kelly, I will continue to watch for the progress! I’m sharing the classic Reuben sandwich for New York here, oh and Stately Sandwich is on Fab this week!

I ♥ Friday : No. 17

喜歡fieldguided的包, 也喜歡上面的文字, 「我們的心中都有雷聲」。

Cute bag by fieldguided and the words are also fantastic.

I ♥ Friday : No. 17

Upon a Fold看到的1/100建築模型用的櫻花季, 好想在家裡放一個!

Saw the cherry blossom 1/100 architectural model set at Upon a Fold, really want to make one for our home!

I ♥ Friday : No. 17

在瑞典斯德哥爾摩的小巧旅館ETT HEM只有12個房間而且每一個房間都完全不同, 像是到了民宿或回到家的感覺, 我把它加入我的歐洲清單了!

The tiny 12-room hotel in Stockholm ETT HEM looks like a dream, each of the 12 rooms is unique and attractive. I’ve added it to my European-musts!

日本Gucci製作了Hand系列記錄了很多日本達人的手藝, 非常有意思。渡過超忙碌的一週後在週末時看到這個工藤庄悦的剪紙作品, 緊繃的情緒霎時間輕鬆了起來。

Gucci Japan produced the Hand series to document the incredible skills from some Japanese artists. After a crazy week, seeing this video about paper-cutting artist Kudou Shouetsu on a weekend really loosened me up.

I ♥ Friday : No. 16

The Wheatfield 手工製作情人卡, You & Me, 甜蜜蜜。

Handmade love card from The Wheatfield, You & Me, so sweet.

I ♥ Friday : No. 16

Johnson Banks替60年的英國時尚設計的郵票, 非常想珍藏。請移駕至desginboom看所有的郵票細節。

I really want to collect this series of fashion stamps (60 years of British fashion) designed by Johnson Banks. Make sure you check out the details of the stamps on desginboom.


Normann Copenhagen超級好收納又色彩繽紛的打蛋器。(via Creature Comforts)

Colorful and collapsable egg beaters from Normann Copenhagen. (via Creature Comforts)

I ♥ Friday : No. 16

手足情深, 兇猛的獅子也有柔情的一面。(via

Sibling love, kings of the jungle also have a softer side.

I ♥ Friday : No. 16

Lucille Michieli的手作狐狸面具, 神秘中帶點俏皮。

Handmade fox masques from Lucille Michieli look mysterious with a dose of whimsy.

I ♥ Friday : No. 16

來自bookhouathome的夏季斜背小包, 逛街的好幫手。

Summery shoulder pouch by bookhouathome, so very perfect for going shopping.

I ♥ Friday : No. 16

法國藝術家Lyndie Dourthe的手作花浪漫極致。

French artist Lyndie Dourthe makes the most romantic flowers by hand.

Ally Capellino的腳踏車包們6月開始在倫敦開賣。真想飛去參加開賣party!

Bike bags from Ally Capellino launches in June at London. Wish I could fly there to attend the party!

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

2010年成立的Mother Denim這個春夏要顛覆單一色彩牛仔褲的傳統。

The young brand Mother Denim, founded in 2010, wants to break all the rules about one-color denim this Spring/Summer.

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

專門刊登食物相關好文的Diner Journal是我的最愛之一。

Food-focused great writings from Diner Journal are some of my favorites.

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

來自Hard Graft的漂亮鐵灰色三用包, 可提可背可變成背包, 每天帶著電腦上班的我越看越心動。

Beautiful three-way leather bag from Hard Graft is just amazing. Such a temptation for me since I carry my computer to work everyday now.

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

女孩們看過來, Bloom Theory Straps想帶給你最浪漫的相機背帶。

Attention, girls, Bloom Theory Straps makes the most romantic looking camera straps.

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

Oh Dier手工藏物盒讓心愛的飾品也有一個有型的家。

Handmade wooden treasure box from Oh Dier gives your treasure a fabulous home.

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

我非常喜愛白色琺瑯的廚房用品, 這個從奧地利來的便當盒是不是非常的動人呢? (via Kaufmann Mercantile)

I absolutely adore white enamel kitchenware. Isn’t this Austrian lunchbox alluring? (via Kaufmann Mercantile)


J 0 2 e把舊照片和刺繡合而為一, 立體感讓原本泛黃的照片有了新生命。

J 0 2 e combines old photos with embroidery. The 3 dimensional texture gave the discolored photo a new life.

兩個我的最愛, MT masking tapeEslite bookstore聯手打造了這個叫做MT ex @ Taipei的短期商店, 真難過沒辦法去逛, 但看看影片也過癮。

Two of my favorites, MT masking tape and Eslite bookstore in Taiwan is co-hosting a pop-up store in Taipei called MT ex @ Taipei. So sad I’m missing this, but the video makes me happy!

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

Gingiber的拼布狐狸繪, 配色線條及拼接圖案都好漂亮。

Quilted Fox Print by Gingiber, exquisite color palette, lines and patterns.

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

雖然我沒有戴著手錶的習慣, 但看到精簡設計的錶還都是會忍不住倒抽一口氣, 例如這支UniformWares胡桃色皮帶的250 Series。

Though I usually don’t wear a watch, but a simple refined design on a watch still always takes my breath away, such as the walnut leather 250 Series from UniformWares.

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

Fideli Sundqvist的紙雕精緻盛宴, 非常的有氣質。

A delicate paper meal from illustrator Fideli Sundqvist, a delightful find.

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

超華麗夢幻的造型與手中的無助仔貓仔犬形成強烈的對比, 畫面也非常漂亮。這一系列的作品是由攝影師Nick Knight全數用Instagram拍的喔。(via This is Glamorous)

Ultra glam style with the helpless kitten and puppies in hand created a powerful contrast and a gorgeous scene. This entire series was shot by photographer Nick Knight with Instagram only. (via This is Glamorous)

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

Miniluu看到的自由手繪家族木偶, 可以自己選擇家人的組合還有造型, 太有趣了。

Paint-Your-Own Doll Family Kit as seen on Miniluu, you could customize the combination and design a individual look for each doll, too fun!

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

英國夫妻檔 Rog 和 Cat How一起開的網路商店有好多可愛的小東西。分享四樣讓我笑容滿面的物品: 紅白塑膠袋的皮製版, 線條簡單的鮮艷鳥吊飾, 狗造型檯燈, 還有覆盆子女孩夾式耳環。其他的就請各位慢慢在Howkapow上逛囉!

British couple Rog and Cat How’s online shop is just darling! Here are four items that made me smile: classic disposable bag made into a reusable leather version, simple lines and shape on the colorfulsongbirds mobile, dog lamp, and berry lady clip earrings. Take a look at the rest of the merchandise at Howkapow!

I ♥ Friday : No. 14

Ariel Gordon纖細且浪漫的戒指, 就算不是婚戒平常配合服裝配帶也非常的棒。

Delicate and romantic rings from Ariel Gordon, even if you don’t have them as eternity rings, they look really great as everyday rings as well!

義大利裁縫名匠Brioni替Wallpaper打造的”完美西裝”, 好逗趣。

Check out this video of how the italian tailors of Brioni created the “perfect suit” for Wallpaper, so playful and lighthearted.