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I love friday

好喜歡這套Crate and Barrel前菜用的小碟, 一向很喜歡手畫風又愛各國食物的我一看就愛上了!

In love with this Crate and Barrel appetizer plate set. The illustrative style combined with global cuisine, totally what I dig!

I love friday

來自HAMMERPRESS甜蜜的字體排版印刷! (沒有埋怨, 沒有抱怨, 也完全不准皺眉。只准有擁抱, 微笑, 和兩人心中的暖意。)

How sweet is this HAMMERPRESS print?

有沒有聽過粉筆畫藝術家呢? Dana Tanamachi的作品實在是太精緻了, 對字體, 對設計, 對較為舊式的排版風格有研究才做的出來的呢。

Ever heard of a chalk artist? Dana Tanamachi‘s work blows me away. These pieces require definite knowledge with typography, design and vintage layouts, I’m in awe.

I love friday

看到這個木質飲料攪棒有沒有想到愛麗絲夢遊仙境啊? 在BHLDN這個為了准新人替婚禮採購的網站可以找到不少舉辦party可以用到的東西喔。

Do these wooden stirrers remind you of Alice in Wonderland? Besides the helpful items for the bride and groom to be, at BHLDN you will find many things that are useful for hosting parties.

I love friday

向來不太喜歡壁紙的我, 看到這個Minakani Walls叫做雲朵且由點線畫組成的壁紙還是有點受不了誘惑。

I’ve never really been fond of wallpapers, but Minakani Walls‘ “Cloudy” is made up with meticulous line art, just love it.

I love friday

Ilana Kohn的連身長洋很潮也有點性感, 是每天都可以穿著的款式。

The maxi dress by Ilana Kohn is fashionable yet sexy at the same time, an everyday dress indeed.

有時想到當時毅然決然踏入設計的那股衝勁, 甚至於現在的寫作及飲食學習, 我起步都比周圍的人都晚。但如Ira Glass所說的, 我必須一而再再而三的提醒自己不要放棄, 不要停止往前的意念, 我會找到屬於自己的那一片天, 就算是小小的一片天, 也是經過多年的努力累積創造的。所有的創意人, 加油!

I sometimes think about my ambition for design, and my passion about writing and food studies, I started all three of these things later than people around me. But just like what Ira Glass said, I have to just keep remind myself to not give up, keep moving forward and keep doing/making. One day, I will find that little piece of heaven. Even if it’s just a tiny little piece, it would still be created through my years of handwork and sweet. All creatives out there, let’s keep with it!

I love friday

喜愛手做羊毛氈小物的朋友們看過來, 自己可以依照Honestly WTF的教學把一件無趣的t-shirt加上兩個可愛的護肘就讓舊衣變新衣了。

For all of you who is in love needle felting accessories, upgrade your boring old t-shirt with some adorable elbow patches with this tutorial by Honestly WTF.

又要快樂的迎接週末的來臨了! 這個週末要去一個情人節活動拍照, 還要替下一期的[紐約瘋什麼]稿做準備。你的週末計劃好了嗎? 先來看看我這星期為了什麼而感動了吧。

It’s time for us to celebrate the arrival of the weekend! I’m planning to do an outdoor shoot for a Valentine’s day special event. And I’ve also got to prepare my next article for the [New York Raves] series. Have you made some plans as well? Let’s take a look at what tickled my heart again this past week.


插畫家Geninne一邊畫圖一邊提醒自己要創造幸福, 我也該天天提醒自己。

Illustrator Geninne‘s reminder to herself while sketching, it’s something I should remind myself every day.


很喜歡的The Journey是由多才的藝術家Elsita做的兩吋迷你小書, 主題是人生的旅程。誰說不是呢? 人生如四季, 有苗草時期也有枯木時期, 而一本迷你的書把我們的旅途一語道盡。

A lovely miniature book by mixed-media artist, Elsita, called The Journey focuses on the journey of life. And how true, life is just like the seasons, we all go through glorious sprouting and lonesome hollow periods, and this miniature books tells it all.


Annaleenas Hem的黑白裝潢部落格及黑白為底色的照片永遠都看不膩。

Annaleenas Hem‘s monotone interior design blog and her monotone based photography is never going to go out of style in my mind.


情人節時布魯克林有名的花草肥皂店Saipua和花藝家Nicolette Camille聯手成立一個超短期的四天小店, 喜愛特別花束且在紐約的你, 別錯過了!

During Valentine’s day weekend, the Brooklyn-based flower/soap store Saipua and floral artist Nicolette Camille collaborate on a pop-up flower shop in downtown Manhattan. Flower lover? In NYC? Don’t miss it!


Sara的貓太可愛, 而我看到這張照片時也突然好想吃包子。

Sara‘s cat is so adorable, and when I saw this I wanted some steamed buns.

Little Press from Ishac Bertran on Vimeo.

丹麥互動產品設計師Ishac Bertran用教課剩餘的材料作出的一個迷你攜帶式凹版印刷器。這可以取代印章嗎? 太厲害了。

Danish interactive industraial designer Ishac Bertran created this little portable letterpress from scrap material during his teachings. Can this replace a personal stamp? Amazing!


Fifi LapinJuicy Couture的聯名產品, 我一直很喜歡Fifi Lapin這些穿出潮流的兔子。這個聯名系列除了可愛的絲巾還有水彩組, 塗鴉本, T-shirt 和卡片。(尖叫)

A collaboration between Fifi Lapin and Juicy Couture. I’ve aways liked the fashionable bunnies from Fifi Lapin. This collection includes some silk squares, watercolor set, sketchbook, t-shirt and cards. (I’m screaming.)


Marc Matsumoto的明太子義大利麵看起來很不錯, 我和好友J都非常喜愛明太子義大利麵, 看到了食譜肯定要記下來自己嘗試看看。

Mentaiko Pasta by Marc Matsumoto looks pretty good, friend J and I both love mentaiko pasta so I’m keeping this recipe for a rainy day to try.

停刊了五個禮拜的我♥星期五又回來囉! 返鄉, 時差, 網站出問題, 一切解決後我又要來和你們分享我每個禮拜的最愛。

I ♥ Friay returns after a 5 week hiatus! Trip back to Taiwan, jet lag, web hosting having issues, after all of that I’m back to share my weekly loves.

i <3 friday: no.5

Littlegoodall的狐狸外套, 小孩穿起來應該很可愛吧。

Fox coat byLittlegoodall, must be cute on kids.

準備好02/05一起來搶Jason Wu的Target系列了嗎? 說真的我一向不愛追這些設計師企劃, 但Jason Wu是阿兔的小表弟, 也是台灣之光, 不支持一下怎麼可以!當然設計也真的是非常的美, 你說是不是?

Ready to fight ’til the last piece on 02/05 for Jason Wu for Target? I usually don’t go for the hype for the designer collaborations, but Jason Wu is A-tu’s little cousin, and pride of Taiwan, gotta root for him! And of course the design is just fantastic, don’t you agree?

i <3 friday: no.5

瑞典設計師Fideli Sundqvist作品集包括了好多的紙藝術, 太喜歡了。

The portfolio of Swedish designer Fideli Sundqvist includes so much paper art, very inspiring.

 I ♥ Friay : No. 5

描繪出四季的餐盤, 在同一個網站Baily Doesn’t Bark也有很多相關商品, 例如湯匙。簡單的黑白線條呈現出大自然的生長規律, 在把食物送進口裡時一定要心存感謝。

Dining plates that illustrate the progress of four seasons. On the same website, Baily Doesn’t Bark, there are other related products, such as spoons. I like how the cycle of growth of nature is simply represented with black lines and white space. All shall be so thankful for each bite we put in our mouth.

這個在互動設計界引起旋風的Jamie Beck不但能做出如上圖一樣美麗的cinemagraph, 她的網站也總是充滿了絢麗的照片及她精彩的出遊紀錄, 在阿布達比大清真寺的照片讓我只能讚嘆。

The infamous Jamie Beck not only stirred up the a big swirl in the interactive world with cinemagraph last year, her website is always filled with gorgeous photography and records of the amazing trips she takes around the world. The photos from The Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi left me speechless in awe.

i <3 friday: no.5

Kate Spade的逃學/蹺班包, 和我的個性還真是符合啊。

Play Hooky bag from Kate Spade, such a perfect fit for my personality.

i <3 friday: no.5

日本的刺繡藝術家有本 ゆみこ以輕柔仔細的態度做出非常有層次及複雜的作品。

Japanese embroidery artist Yumiko Arimoto displays such complicated work through her delicate touch.

cherry blossoms by night

Tinytoadstool是我最近找到的造型玩家, 非常非常喜歡她所有的照片, 販售的衣服雜物, 還有她那帶點童趣又不失成熟的風格。

Tinytoadstool is a stylist that I stumbled upon on the web recently. I really really like all of her photos, the clothing and crafts she sells, and her child-like fun and put together style.

聖誕節再過九天就到了, 你為所有親愛的人買好聖誕禮物了嗎? 這個星期五我來分享一些我夢想的禮物。

It’s Christmas in 9 days, have you shopped for all of your loved ones yet? I’m sharing some of my dream presents this friday.

i <3 Friday: No. 4

Shanna Murray自製的隨意貼黏的聖誕裝飾。

Self-illustrated Christmas decal by Shanna Murray.

i <3 Friday: No. 4

Leah Duncan手繪月曆, 簡單精美正合我意。

Self-illustrated 12-month calendar by Leah Duncan, the simply style is totally my taste.

i <3 Friday: No. 4

由老鋪栗久用秋田杉做成的清酒壺及酒杯, 好美, 在Alexcious找得到。

From Kurikyu, a Japanese shop famous for Magewappa, a sake set made of Akita Cedar, so beautiful, as seen on Alexcious.

i <3 Friday: No. 4

玻璃做成的水壺, 可以直接在爐上燒, 太特別了, 來自有名咖啡壺製造品牌Chemex。

The all glass water kettle from Chemex, so unique!

i <3 Friday: No. 4

白色聖誕的雪景球, 最喜歡胡桃鉗的那一個。

Snow globe for a white Christmas, my favorite is the one with the nutcracker.

i <3 Friday: No. 4

幾何玻璃屋裝了一座小森林, 太想要了。

Geometric glass house hosts a tiny forest, oh how I want this!

i <3 Friday: No. 4

應景的北歐玻璃瓶, 裝飾使用兩相宜。

Scandinavian Christmas bottle, decorative and useful at the same time.

i <3 Friday: No. 4

乳白色的車身, 皮質的手把及座椅, 購物用的後座木箱, 這完完全全是我的夢想單車

Cream-color frame, leather handles and seat, shopper’s crate, this is my absolute dream bike.


Stella Björg細工又美麗名字為Holt的樹花木草字形。

Intricate and lovely typeface inspired by plants, flowers and nature: Holt by Stella Björg.


平常看不到的動物之美, 感謝 Brain Pickings 的整理。

Thanks to the compilation from Brain Pickings, animals never looked better.

讓我摒除雜念的攝影師 - Cody Cobb.

The photographer that made me rid of thousands of thoughts – Cody Cobb.


大家一起來祈雪吧 - Danielle Kroll精緻的紙雕。

Let’s wish for snow – Danielle Kroll‘s delicate paper sculpture.



Wooden animals as decoration or toy by uusi.



I want to twirl in this room with the 2,000 dandelion.


丹麥品牌Baum und Pferdgarten的2011秋冬照片吸引我的目光。

Photos from the Danish brand Baum und Pferdgarten‘s AW 2011 collection caught my attention.

了不起的英雄, 了不起的畫功。
Incredible hero, incredible artist.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friay : No. 2

在牆壁上玩小時候喜愛的變裝紙娃娃遊戲。Dress Up Doll 來自lovemae.

One of my favorite games as a kid is the paper dress up doll, lovemae created a version for you to play the game on the wall.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friay : No. 2

Moulton 60, 漂亮的小折。

Moulton 60, beautiful folding bike.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friay : No. 2

WriteWithMoxie的透明軟陶印章, 太可愛也太酷了。

Clear Polymer stamps by WriteWithMoxie, too cute and too cool.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friay : No. 2

Forestbound的咖啡色仿舊大包, 好想帶著去旅行。

The Ashcroft Leather Carryall by Forestbound, makes me want to go travel with it.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friay : No. 2

想當初我也很愛忍者龜呢。Dog State的Ninja Turtle Ring在The Goodhood Store找的到。

And a long time ago, I was a Ninja Turtle fan. The Ninja Turtle Ring by Dog State can be found at The Goodhood Store.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friay : No. 2

Heidi Merrick 美麗的長洋。

Gorgeous maxi from Heidi Merrick.

我♥星期五 / I ♥ Friay : No. 2

包裝禮物的最後小飾品 - 名卡. Rifle Paper Co. 的聖誕名卡真是不錯, 在 Upon A Fold 看到的。

The last touch of packaging – name card. The holiday gift tags by Rifle Paper Co. is pretty awesome, via Upon a Fold.

天氣冷了, 忘了打圍巾的方法嗎? 這個教學短片再溫習一次吧!
It’s getting cold, did you forget how to tie a scarf? Review this tutorial again!

對於總是在挖掘新寶藏腦子永遠轉不停的我來說, 一次推薦一樣東西說真的需要很強的控制力。幾經思考後決定把每個星期喜愛的東西整理成一篇文章每週在星期五推出。

看著美好迎接週末, 歡迎來到[我♥星期五]。

Through the endless exploration and my never ending mind, it takes a lot of control to recommend one thing at a time. After some thoughts, I decided to consolidate my favorite things of the week to one single post for a Friday weekly release.

A great start to the weekend by looking at the lovelies, welcome to [I ♥ Friday]!

I heart friday 11172011

Coral & Tusk的新生兒冬暖鞋讓我自己也很想要一雙大人版的。

Baby booties from Coral and Tusk makes me so jealous that I wish there was a pair my size.

I heart friday 11172011

結合摺紙藝術, 包裝藝術還有貼紙功能的Oribbon是由日本的Azumi Mitsuboshi設計的。
Oribbon from Japanese designer Azumi Mitsuboshi is a packaging stickers that can be customized with some imagination and origami skills.

I heart friday 11172011


Even if the balloons lose air, I till want to try this h220430 balloon chair.

I heart friday 11172011

Best Made Company的好品質,瓶身又值得收藏的楓葉糖漿

Great quality maple syrup from Best Made Company in a beautiful collectible glass jar.

I heart friday 11172011

Steven N. Meyers的X光花朵攝影集。

X-ray floral photography by Steven N. Meyers.

I heart friday 11172011

Joanne Lu把香港特色小吃都畫在這張圖上了。

Joanne Lu captured all the trademark yummies from Hong Kong in this print.

I heart friday 11172011

Secret Squirrel的絲質Gardenia Dress讓陰冷的晚秋雨天突然亮了起來。

The silk Gardenia Dress by Secret Squirrel made the late autumn rainy day colorful again.

I heart friday 11172011

河内建築設計事務的作品 – 裡外結合的47%屋

The work from Kochi Architect’s Studio in Japan – inside out, outside in 47% house.




澳洲的bec & bridge 在2011秋冬單品中加濃濃的民俗部落風元素。補夢網的洋裝也太酷了吧!

Australian brand bec & bridge added some heavily tribal influenced accents in the AW11 collection. The dreamcatcher dress definitely stands out!

自從拍婚紗時學會了男生的領結怎麼打之後, 我一直覺得領結非常的特別, 因為它的大小, 材質, 花樣, 如何和衣服搭配都能讓一個男生看起來非常不同。當然同樣的道理也適用與領帶上, 只不過, 領結就是能讓整體造型變得比較有趣。

Ever since I learned how to tie a bow-tie for our wedding, I’ve always thought bow-ties are very sepcial because the size, texture, pattern and how you style it with your outfit could all change how a guy looks. Of course this applies to straight-up ties as well, but I just think bow-ties add a fun factor to the outfit.


這禮拜發掘了Forage bow ties, 很喜歡他們使用鮮艷的色彩還有漂亮的花樣。當然, 設計師是一對可愛的小情侶 Shauna & Stephen, 他們也是something’s hiding in there的主人。

I stumbled upon Forage bow ties this week and I love the bright colors and patterns, and of course, they were made by a lovely couple Shauna & Stephen who also blogs at something’s hiding in there.




有男生的也有女生的, 喜愛校園風的女生應該會非常喜愛。

There are men’s as well as women’s, girls who love the collegiate look would definitely love these.











Twenty-seven Names的2011/2012春夏Lookbook玩起花樣風, 賞心悅目。

The SS 2011/2012Lookbook of Twenty-seven Names plays on pattern, oh so pleasing to the eyes.